Producer: It’s not like I want to be doing this every day, you know.
Producer: …I feel like if a certain someone would somehow be mature and come to class, then all of this would come to an end.
Raku: Ohh, so you’ve had a student that annoying all this time, eh?
Producer: I know you understand what I’m saying.
Raku: And what would that be?
Producer: Sigh...
Leisurely and slowly 2 (1)
Raku: …You’re certainly sighing an awful lot today, Sensei.
Producer: I’m just thinking that this is isn’t turning out very well.
Raku: There isn’t a person in the world who can do everything well.
Producer: I mean, it’s not as if I think everything I do has to go smoothly, but… As I am right now, I can’t do anything right.
Producer: I’d really like to become more of a producer that makes things easier for everyone, and that everyone can trust.
Leisurely and slowly 2 (2)
Raku: You want to do that even for things that don’t really matter much?
Producer: Of course there will be times where I fail at that or get depressed about it. I’m not a perfect producer, after all.
Raku: Sensei, you’re really stubborn, aren’t you?
Producer: …I’m already feeling down, so don’t make it worse.
Leisurely and slowly 2 (3)
Raku: But you know that about yourself, don’t you? If you recognize that, I’d imagine you’d want to change it.
Producer: I can’t change in that respect, so it makes me feel pretty bad.
Leisurely and slowly 2 (4)
Raku: You think way too much. Come now, there, there…
Producer: !?
Producer: (Wakaouji-kun’s patting my head…)
Raku: No matter how much you ruminate about it, you’re too desperate to do things by yourself. You already do a lot.
Raku: With you here to guide us, all of us have been able to continue living as who we truly are.
Raku: Have a bit more confidence in yourself.
Producer: Wakaouji-kun...
Leisurely and slowly 2 (5)
Raku: It’s fine to just go with the flow of your worries. If you look at the sky, you’ll surely feel better, don’t you think?
Producer: (He looks so gentle… I didn’t think he could make a face like that.)
Producer: ...My...
Raku: Hm?
Producer: My main concern is you, though.
Raku: …I’ve no clue what you’re talking about~


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