Producer: We’re barely going to make it in time for when they start taping like this, Wakaouji-kun!
Raku: You were the one who had gotten the time wrong, though, weren’t you?
Producer: I… I apologized for that already, didn’t I?
Raku: If your wake-up call hadn’t come, then we would have been 100% late.
Producer: That was probably quite the stroke of luck. To think that something I’ve been doing to try to break your habit of always being late would come in handy like this…
Leisurely and slowly 3 (1)
Raku: So, you’ve been saved by your student who won’t take his classes seriously, Sensei?
Producer: That’s a completely different conversation!
Raku: Is it, now~?
Producer: …We’re running out of time, aren’t we?
Raku: Hm, you want to run, then?
Producer: No way! We can’t get you to the set looking like a total mess.
Leisurely and slowly 3 (2)
Raku: You’re asking for too much. Then what do you suppose we should do?
Producer: Speed walk.
Raku: …Speed walk?
Producer: What is it, Wakaouji-kun? If we don’t hurry, we’ll—
Leisurely and slowly 3 (3)
Raku: I’m not good at walking fast… Will you lend me a hand?
Producer: This isn’t the time to joke arou—
Raku: I wish it was a joke, but… Unfortunately, I’m being completely serious.
Producer: …God, you really are such a handful.
Producer: Here, I’ll let you grab onto me, so take my hand.
Raku: My apologies, Producer.
Producer: (He’s just like an old man…)
Raku: Are you overthinking things again?
Producer: No, I wasn’t thinking about much of anything?
Raku: I see… Well, in any case, you’re really helping me out by taking me to where we’re filming like this.
Producer: I’m so glad we made it on time. You can let go of my hand now.
Leisurely and slowly 3 (4)
Raku: Say, Producer. I’d like to get your input on something.
Producer: What is it? Uwah…!?
Producer: (Wh-What? Why is Wakaouji-kun so close to my face…?)
Raku: I really don’t want to let go of your hand, so I’m wondering what I should do about that.
Producer: ...!
Producer: D-Don’t start teasing me by saying things like that right into my ear!
Raku: I’m being entirely serious, though.
Leisurely and slowly 3 (5)
Raku: Kuku. Maybe I should really make an effort today, considering how hard you’ve worked.
Raku: Hold my hand again sometime, okay? Producer.


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