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Leon banner
Leon Twitter Icon
"Since England has so many tourism sites, I get to meet girls from other countries!"
Aliases Leon
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Blood Type O
Birthday October 1st
Height 5'9" or 176 cm
Weight 59 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Ib
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Grandparents
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed older Brother
Unnamed younger Brother
Hobby Snowboarding
Fave Food Bananas, Hamburgers
LeastFave Food Coffee
• Portrayal•
CV Toshiki Masuda
Leon Signature
Image Gallery

Leon (レオン Leon) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, I♥B, who was the third to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

An energetic young boy who is constantly moving and unable to sit still. In order to appear bold, he tries to befriend anyone he meets. When he sees girls, he’ll immediately call out to them. He's a transfer student from England. He’s on bad terms with Lucas and often gets into fights, which eventually leads to Rabi chiding them.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • The English gentleman, Leon here! I want a looooo~t of pretty ladies to cheer me on!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • It's 'cause I was invited to join a band! When it was decided that I'll become a transfer student in Japan, Noah trained me extra hard in learning Japanese~!
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Ever since we've met, I've noticed that Lucas is always so sullen. Wouldn't it be good if he was more like me and laughed? Ahaha!

Personality Edit

A cheerful teen who loves to flirt with girls, though he's not very successful. Almost always smiling and happy, Leon is a positive boy who likes to have fun. He likes to be the center of attention and thinks highly of himself, though he's a kind person. Contrary to his flighty, almost scatter-brained disposition towards people, he is very serious about his career as an idol and a musician.

Appearance Edit

Leon has messy peach-light orange hair which covers the nape of his neck. His fringe partially covers his eyes. He has long eyelashes and his eyes are a light blue, sometimes shown with a purple overlay to them.
He possesses a blue and white left-handed electric guitar.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Thank you for finding me!
Let's have a date before working!
Idolizing It's a brand new Leon~ Play
Regular My name is Leon! Please remember me! Play
I'm a left handed guitarist! People say I don't act like one. Play
Since England has so many tourism sites, I get to meet girls from other countries! Play
You're cute~ Hey hey~ Let's go on a date! Play
This is bad! I just learned a super cool pose! Play
My Japanese? That's of course because of yo-...Noah's intensive training. Of course I would be good! Play
Chaoyang is really shy isn't he? He always tries to hide his face with his muffler, right? Play
Rabi is always gentle with others and he's a really nice guy! Not more than me though. Play
That stupid Lucas is such a stubborn person! He's not French at all! Play
Tatsumi has such a cool hat. I'm envious~ Play
New Monthly Lines
January The hagoita is fun! But my face became pitch black from the ink![1] Play
I'm fine with cold weather! But the kotatsu is another thing! I can't get out of it! Play
February Today is cat's day, nya. I wanna idle on your lap, nyan! Play
I want chocolate from you! Give me chocolate! Play
September Producer! I'll choose clothes for you so go on a date with me! Play
I'm looking at the moon with Chaoyang! Play
October On Halloween I get a lot of sweets and I love it! Play
The Momiji Manjuu is delicious! Play
November I received letters from my family! Good grief, my brother writes only about his girlfriend. Play
Guuu...Hm? This is bad! I drooled on Lucas' book! Play
December I have to put a sock on my bed! Now! Come on, Santa Claus!! Play
Noah gave me a Santa Claus hat! So? Does it suit me? Play
Old Monthly Lines
January It also snows a lot in England! Play
Mochi is a dangerous weapon, isn't it? Satsuki said that one might choke if they eat it all at once! Play
February Cat day? Then I want to go to a cat cafe! Play
Getting lots of chocolate from cute girls makes me so happy~ Play
March The cute girls are the Ohime-sama's. And I'm the Odairi-sama! [2] Play
The sakuramochis are really cute... Play
April The spring is at it's best! But it's the kind of climate that makes you sleepy...*yawn*~ Play
The Ichigo daifuku's have strawberries inside?! Is- is this tasty? Play
May I'm actually....ATCHOO! ...Allergic to pollen... Play
Japanese springs are easy to pass, aren't they? Play
June Sometimes the fog would appear in England with clouds! Play
If you get wet in the rain you'll catch a cold! Don't forget to bring an umbrella! Play
July OKAY! Let's go shooting! Shooting! Play
Ta~maya~, Ka~giya~[3]. Seiya taught them to me! Play
August It's hot. I have to be careful not to get a heatstroke. Play
I wanna see Producer in a swimsuit! Play
September What's it?! Is it bad that I want to try and draw a picture?! Play
I wonder if there are rabbits on the moon? Something like Kanata's Rabirabi maybe? Play
October Trick or treat! Time to eat candy-! Play
If we're having Sports Festivals then I want to do the bread-eating contest! Play
November During autumn, the mood becomes kinda sentimental~ Play
When I went to see an ice skating show, it made me want to skate too! Play
December Merry Christmas! Let's eat chicken! Play
Seeing the snow reminded me of the time when I was still in England! Play
Start Menu I-Chu! Play
Download You, cutie over there! Won't you have a date with me? Play
Story Choose your favorite okay? Play
Main Story Choose the chapter!
Let's read this story! Play
Love Story Love Story! Hurry up and fall in love with me! Play
Muu! Of course you will choose me in the end, right? Play
Shop It's the shop! Play
Disk Purchase I'm curious about what you're interested in~
Friend It's the information about your friends! It's okay if we look at it together? Play
Other It's okay to come here if you're in trouble!
During Lives
R/RR Start Quick, let's start the live! Play
Skill Listen to this~! Play
Roar~! Play
Look at my guitar technique! Play
Clear We're done? Let's do it one more time! Play
Affection Gain Big sis, look at me, look at me! Play
SR/UR Start Let's wake the sleeping lion up! Play
Skill I will give you the pick! Play
I guess I have to sing. Play
Shall we do a live performance? Play
Clear What do you think of my performance? Play
Affection Gain Are you free tonight? Let's go somewhere together! Play
LE/GR Start Waah! I can't wait to play the guitar! Play
Skill Look only at me! Play
I'll show you the soul of England! Play
Now we got into the rhythm! Play
Clear That was sooo fun! Let's do it again! Play
Affection Gain Uhya~! I can't calm my heartbeat! Play


  1. In hagoita, the one that loses has to get a black ink writing on his face
  2. The Ohime-san are the female dolls(the empress) put on the top during Hinamatsuri, while the Odairi-sama is the male doll that stands at the top(the emperor)
  3. The lines that people shout when fireworks flare up into the sky; they're the name of two famous fireworks craftsmen.


Leon R Leon R (Second Batch) Leon SR (Second Batch) Leon SR (Ocean event scout) Leon SR (Animal Teahouse Scout) Leon SR

Leon LE (Oni wa soto! Koi wa Come on!) Leon LE (Astronomical Observation Scout) Leon LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Leon LE (RPG Scout) Leon LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Leon LE

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