Leon-kun's Summer (1)
Leon It's the beach!!
Producer Leon-kun, you’re being overly excited you know.
Leon That’s because I am excited! Look at it, this beautiful scenery!!
Producer Indeed, it is a beautiful beach but--
Leon-kun's Summer (2)
Leon As far as the eye can see, girls in beautiful swimsuits are…!
Producer Sigh… To Leon-kun, it’s that, isn’t it?
Leon-kun's Summer (3)
Leon As expected of the Producer! You know me well~
Producer I suppose. But, Leon-kun!
Leon Yeah?
Producer I’m telling you this in advance but flirting is not allowed today.
Leon-kun's Summer (4)
Leon Eh… Ehh?! What for?! Why?!
Producer It’s obvious why, isn’t it? You’re an I-Chu, you know?
Producer (Although by right, not just for today but even the rest of the time, he shouldn’t flirt.)
Producer Plus you have a live show today, don’t you? You shouldn’t behave in a way that makes you look like you’re being a nuisance to other people!
Leon No way… If you take women away from me, then what in the world would I have left…?
Producer It’s fine! Because you’ll still have your charm as an I-chu! Leon-kun, you’re so cool!
Leon It’s not fun even if you flatter me since it’s so forced!
Leon It’s boriiiiiing! It’s so boring, Producer! Even though we finally came to the beach~!
Producer Since we’ve finally come to the beach, why not have your fill of other fun activities?
Leon-kun's Summer (5)
Leon Other activities? …Ah, then how about something like this?
Producer Something like…?
Leon-kun's Summer (6)
Leon I wanna see Producer in a swimsuit~ ♪
Producer Wha…!
Leon Come on, please! I’ll give up flirting then, so please!
Producer ...No.
Leon-kun's Summer (7)
Leon …Ehh, in that case let's go flirt~
Producer Tsk! Stop right there! …You’ll really give it up, right?
Leon-kun's Summer (8)
Leon Yeah yeah! Of course! I promise!
Producer Sighs… This’ll be the only time I’ll listen to your selfish request, you hear?
Leon-kun's Summer (9)
Leon Yay!! Then, let’s quickly choose a swimsuit ♪
Producer ...
Leon-kun's Summer (10)
Leon Hm? What’s wrong, Producer? You’re not going?
Producer Actually, I’m already wearing my swimsuit underneath…
Leon-kun's Summer (11)
Leon …Pfft!
Producer It’s fine, isn’t it?! Even I have been looking forward to coming to the beach so…
Leon Alright alright. What, so even the Producer was looking forward to coming to the beach! Then, hurry and get changed ♪

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