Producer (…Somehow, I feel like I’m being manipulated into being agreeable or is that just my imagination?)
Leon-kun's Summer (12)
Leon Welcome back, Produ—hm? Hmm?!
Producer …What?
Leon-kun's Summer (13)
Leon Why a hoodie?!
Producer …No particular reason.
Leon Sigh~. The Producer is really cold, that’s why.
Producer I think it’s because I know of your habit of flirting, though?
Leon That’s mea~n!
Producer (Honestly… At any rate, it sure is hot today…)
Leon-kun's Summer (14)
Leon …Hey, Producer. Shall we go under the shade for a bit? I’ll go buy water afterwards.
Producer What’s wrong all of a sudden?
Leon-kun's Summer (15)
Leon It would be good if I’m just imagining things but you look rather unwell. It would be terrible if you end up getting heatstroke.
Producer (He looks closely at such things, doesn't he? He may have a flashy side to him but deep down, he’s really a good kid.)
Leon Producer, are you okay?
Producer I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. In that case, I’ll take you up on that offer and wait here.
Leon-kun's Summer (16)
Leon Okay! I’ll be back soon. If you get approached by other guys, you’re not allowed to follow them, alright!
Producer Okaaaaay
Producer (To think I’d become unwell over this kind of thing, I don’t qualify to be a Producer.)
Leon I’m glad that you diligently waited for me. Here's the water.
Producer …Thank you.
Leon-kun's Summer (17)
Leon Have you rested a little? Could it be that you don't feel well because you lack sleep?
Producer This much is fine. Thank you for worrying about me.
Leon By the way, it’s been bothering me since just now but…
Producer What is it?
Leon Why are you wearing a hoodie? Where’s your swimsuit?
Producer (It was simply because I felt embarrassed but since it’s hot, maybe I should just take it off...)
Producer I came here dressed properly. See?
Leon-kun's Summer (18)
Leon !!
Producer Why aren’t you saying anything?
Leon God… Thank you!

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