Leon-kun’s summer! 3 (1)
Leon: Hey, is it okay if we hold hands to keep the playboys away? If some guys like me set their sights on you, it’d be a real bother wouldn’t it?
Producer: Are you really saying that?
Leon: Hey, it’s just because I was taught that it’s only polite to call out to beautiful ladies. But I wouldn’t touch somebody else’s girl.
Leon: So make sure you stay real close to me, okay?
Producer: (It’s probably been a while since I’ve held hands and walked along with someone like this. …Huh? Have we really been so close together?)
Producer: (And besides that, isn’t walking like this in the sand pretty difficult…?)
Leon-kun’s summer! 3 (2)
Leon: …Producer? Why are you so quiet?
Producer: It’s just been a while since I’ve walked on the beach, so it’s a bit hard to— Wah!?
Leon: Ohh!?
Producer: Ow, ow, ow… Ah, Leon-kun, I’m sorry! Are you okay?
Leon: I’m fi…ne…?
Producer: Maybe we really should stop holding hands. It’s hard to walk this way, and if either of us falls, the other gets caught up in it… Leon-kun?
Leon-kun’s summer! 3 (3)
Leon: P-Producer!! L-Let go, let go! Your chest is touching me!
Producer: !! W-What on earth are you thinking in this kind of situation…!?
Leon: No, you’ve got it wrong, Producer! English gentleman Leon-kun would never do something so shameless!
Leon: Please believe me, I didn’t do this on purpose~!
Producer: Ah, so you were over here, Leon-kun.
Leon: Producer.
Producer: Did something happen? You look so upset.
Leon-kun’s summer! 3 (4)
Leon: I was just thinking that it’s really over now. The show, I mean.
Producer: …It was a lot of fun. I’m glad that I could see so many smiles. And besides, a lot of things have happened today.
Leon: Yeah. This summer is definitely one I’ll never forget.
Producer: …Neither will I.
Producer: And I imagine that the people in the audience that came today are all thinking the same thing.
Producer: (This is the first time I’ve seen Leon-kun with this kind of look on his face. He enjoyed the show that much, did he?)
Producer: (I’d really like to plan for another show that both the audience and staff can enjoy like this.)
Leon: Ah~, I won’t be able to forget what that felt like…
Leon-kun’s summer! 3 (5)
Leon: …Not that. Umm… What the cheering felt like. The cheers.
Producer: What exactly are you remembering right now, Leon-kun?
Leon: W-well, of course that’d be… Ehe☆
Producer: (…For god’s sake!)


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