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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Leon

Huh, miss. What are you doing here? This is the instrument practice room you know.
In a place like this, you would normally call out to a miss wandering around carrying nothing wouldn't you?
As you can see I am practicing the guitar! But I'm not holding an instrument right now so you can't tell. Ah ha ha I've failed I've failed.
From the practice room window I saw a miss with a troubled face. I thought "This is my time to shine!" so I ended up jumping out.
Ah, you laughed. Your laughing face is cute too. My name is Leon. I am a guitarist for the band known as I♥B.
You are... eh, the producer? Not only that, our's?
That's awesome! To have such a cute person to produce for us...!
I'm your I-chu so, best regards from now on! Producer!

Initial R/RR British Gentleman?
Second Batch R/RR Because I have my friends
Initial SR/UR Practice! Practice!
Ocean SR/UR Leon-kun’s summer!
Animal Teahouse SR/UR Fine dog manual
Second Batch SR/UR Maintenance with you
White Day SR/UR How to enjoy a date of two
Children's Day SR/UR Awakening of a motherly personality?!
Initial LE/GR Give me a reward ♪
Oni wa soto! Koi wa Come on! LE/GR Demons go out! Love, come on!
Astronomical Observation LE/GR The whole sky's palpitation
1st Anniversary LE/GR Love Love Full Charge
RPG LE/GR A stolen thing
Halloween 2016 LE/GR Werewolves and moonlight night romance
Eikoku Shinshi no mittsu no kokoroe LE/GR Three rules of the British Gentleman
Grandmaster LE/GR The pawn role

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