Aliases Edit

Leon's Aliases
Alias Called by
Leon Seiya, Kanata, Akira, Satsuki, Mutsuki, Noah, Chaoyang, Rabi, Lucas, Akio, Hikaru, Raku, Kokoro, Issei, Takamichi, Eva, Mio, Ban, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi
Leon-kun Kyosuke, Shiki, Momosuke, Futami, Toya
Leon-san Runa
Leo Torahiko
Leon-onii-chan Jimpachi

Event story appearancesEdit

Appears in
Lucas event
Hanazakari Danshi Banner
Kouya no Frontier banner
Poison×Poisson banner
Eikoku Shinshi no mittsu no kokoroe banner
Nihon Danji banner
En banrai YOSAKOI banner
Lullaby of ice banner
Zettai Ousei Selfishness banner
Shiroki Seiya no Avec amour banner
Mugen nemuri neko denki banner
Mogitate☆Fresh! banner

Tarot GachaEdit

Leon's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Leon R Tarot
Leon RR Tarot
Leon SR Tarot

Misc. FactsEdit

  • He plays the guitar with his left hand.
  • He is good at snowboarding.
  • He was invited to the band by Noah.
  • His favourite animal is the squirrel.
  • His favourite clothing style is american casual. (He uses the term "amekaji" which is a term used by gyaru teenagers for american trendy clothes.)
  • He is good at dancing.
  • His favourite drink is carbonated water, especially those with fruit flavours.
  • He likes the producer because she's a woman.
  • If he went to a deserted island he would have brought his guitar, but places with high humidity would be bad for it.
  • He dislikes coffee unless it is coffee au lait with a lot of sugar and milk.
  • A memorable place for him is the lake in his hometown.
  • He relaxes by listening to music before sleeping.
  • He likes citrus bathing powder.
  • He can't cook.
  • He would like to slide on Canada's ski slopes.
  • He finds American whoopie pies delicious.
  • He thinks of himself as a vivacious person.
  • He would like to eat beef stroganoff.
  • The historical figure he respects is John Lennon.
  • He doesn't read anything besides manga. He especially likes Japanese battle mangas.
  • His favourite colour is orange as he likes bright colours.
  • His favourite season is winter.
  • His favourite foods are bananas and hamburgers. He often goes with Seiya to eat fast food.
  • He has very good eyesight.
  • He trains by running.
  • His favourite subject is PE.
  • He thinks that Hikaru's works are "goddess-like and sexy".
  • He thinks that all women in the world are beautiful.
  • He collects hats a lot.
  • The animal he compares himself to is the dog.
  • His favourite power stone is orange calcite, because it is pretty.
  • His favourite flowers are poppies as he thinks they are cute.
  • The most expensive thing he has bought was a hat from a famous brand.
  • Lucas has called him "chara" (a flashy, irresponsible and flirty guy). He (Leon) thinks that he's a serious person.
  • He doesn't like autumn because he can't see the body lines of women.
  • His life goal is to go on a vacation with a beautiful older girl. (He thinks that Lucas would be angry at him if he found out about this)
  • A thing that deeply moved him was meeting the producer.
  • If he were to be reincarnated he would like to be a dog so he could be patted by girls.
  • He sleeps about 10 hours each night.
  • His most important treasure is his guitar.
  • He thinks Rabi is a really good guy and respects him a lot.
  • He doesn't really understand what Raku Wakaouji writes, but he thinks he's good anyway.
  • He calls Kokoro Hanabusa "Kokoro-chan".
  • He doesn't get along well with Lucas.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • He is in third generation.
  • Type he likes: Someone like a cool older sister.
  • He calls Noah his soulmate.
  • He is respected by the iKids Jinpachi Raido.
  • In his special phone call with Baber, Leon confirms that his bangs are a different color due to highlights.
  • He mentions that his hometown was in Britain, in the countryside. [1]
  • He and Lucas traveled to Lucas' hometown of Orléans, France in one of the FanxFunxGift light novel chapters, to visit Lucas' grandparents.