What part of England do you like?
Seiya I have a cold image of England in my mind. I don't like cold places...
LeonQ1 Seiya
Kanata I wonder if the big Nessie is really in Loch Ness?
LeonQ1 Kanata
Akira Stonehenge is a mysterious place, isn't it...
LeonQ1 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki There are double-decker buses, right?! I want to ride one!
LeonQ1 Satsuki
Mutsuki The tea is delicious.
LeonQ1 Mutsuki
Noah I'm interested in the small houses in Cotswolds....
LeonQ1 Noah
Chaoyang I want to go to the Tower of London.
LeonQ1 Li
Rabi I like the English pancakes called crumpets.
LeonQ1 Rabi
Lucas I heard that fish and chips are delicious.
LeonQ1 Lucas
Torahiko I want to go to those castles on top of the mountains!
LeonQ1 Torahiko
Kyosuke I want reference materials of their soldier uniforms or other cute clothes!
LeonQ1 Kyosuke
Akio I'd like to see the Tower of London... Maybe.
LeonQ1 Akio
Shiki The best place for black tea, isn't it?
LeonQ1 Shiki
Hikaru I'd like to buy the tea leaves produced there.
LeonQ1 Hikaru
Raku It seems they have a troublesome diet.
LeonQ1 Raku
Kokoro I want to go to Buckingham Palace!
LeonQ1 Kokoro
Runa Their tea is delicious. Do you also like tea, Leon-san?
LeonQ1 Runa
Momosuke It has an image of having a lot of gentlemen, but... Is Leon-kun also a gentleman?
LeonQ1 Momosuke
Issei I thought the people there were elegant, but looking at Leon makes me think I was wrong.
LeonQ1 Issei
Futami I have an image in my mind that the people there drink tea a lot...
LeonQ1 Futami
Takamichi The tea and scones. We hold afternoon tea pretty often in my house, too.
LeonQ1 Takamichi
Eva Demonic beings love to approach misty towns...
LeonQ1 Eva
Mio I heard that there are fairies in England. I wonder if it's true~? ♪ I'd like to meet them~
LeonQ1 Mio
Ban The country of English gentlemen! I also want to be gentle toward girls!
LeonQ1 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I'm not too interested in European countries, but when speaking about England then it has to be tea, right?
LeonQ1 Tsubaki
Toya I'm interested in their pie dishes.
LeonQ1 Toya
Tatsumi Fish and chips are a popular dish, right? Now I'm feeling hungry...
LeonQ1 Tatsumi
Aoi It makes me crave for English muffins and tea.
LeonQ1 Aoi
Kuro The tea leaves are expensive. The food is bad. The people are flirty. Or is that just Leon?
LeonQ1 Kuro
Saku I have an image of a certain magic school. A witch Producer-chan......
LeonQ1 Saku
Baber I don't like black tea when it's hot...... Because Baber cannot drink hot drinks......
LeonQ1 Baber

Tell us what type of girl you like! As for me, I like cool older sister types!
Seiya Obviously, the girl you fall for is your type, right?
LeonQ2 Seiya
Kanata It's embarrassing... I'd like it if we could hold hands...
LeonQ2 Kanata
Akira My type is hardworking women.
LeonQ2 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Someone who'll play with me... Or rather someone who'll let me play with her! Hehe!
LeonQ2 Satsuki
Mutsuki Someone not too possessive.
LeonQ2 Mutsuki
Noah Don't you think girls who are fun to tease are adorable?
LeonQ2 Noah
Chaoyang Someone who wouldn't stare at me...
LeonQ2 Li
Rabi I like girls with good manners.
LeonQ2 Rabi
Lucas Someone who's not too loud...
LeonQ2 Lucas
Torahiko I'd like to see if there's anyone who can do greater things than me!
LeonQ2 Torahiko
Kyosuke My type is an easygoing girl.
LeonQ2 Kyosuke
Akio Women are a little... But maybe if it's someone who praises my works...
LeonQ2 Akio
Shiki I love all women!
LeonQ2 Shiki
Hikaru It's restricted to beautiful people!
LeonQ2 Hikaru
Raku Any type is fine.
LeonQ2 Raku
Kokoro Someone cuter than me! I'd like to make her happy!
LeonQ2 Kokoro
Runa Of course, I prefer diligent and cute people, just like Producer.
LeonQ2 Runa
Momosuke I like girls who will treat me gently.
LeonQ2 Momosuke
Issei A courageous girl. I don't need a coward.
LeonQ2 Issei
Futami I don't like feeling restricted, so a girl who can leave me alone would be nice~
LeonQ2 Futami
Takamichi The type who wouldn't resist me. I don't like stubborn tomboys who disobey me!
LeonQ2 Takamichi
Eva I have a woman whom I'd exchanged vows with during my previous life.
LeonQ2 Eva
Mio Someone like Master! But she couldn't possibly exist~
LeonQ2 Mio
Ban I like someone who is strict yet gentle like the producer ♪
LeonQ2 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like masochistic women. Makes me want to tease her... *chuckles*
LeonQ2 Tsubaki
Toya Uhm, I'll be happy if she's someone I can get along with...
LeonQ2 Toya
Tatsumi I go to a lot of places, so a girl who can follow me would be nice.
LeonQ2 Tatsumi
Aoi I like girls who can cook.
LeonQ2 Aoi
Kuro I like someone who is pure. The complete opposite of that woman!
LeonQ2 Kuro
Saku Producer-chan!
LeonQ2 Saku
Baber I like child-like people...... Because their hearts are pure.
LeonQ2 Baber

Tell us your birthday! Mine is October 1st!
Seiya December 24th! It's Christmas Eve!
LeonQ3 Seiya
Kanata It's on White Day, March 14th.
LeonQ3 Kanata
Akira In the middle of summer vacation, on August 31st.
LeonQ3 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The 1st of January! You want to celebrate it, right!?
LeonQ3 Satsuki
Mutsuki January 1st. New Year's Day.
LeonQ3 Mutsuki
Noah I was born on March 10th.
LeonQ3 Noah
Chaoyang February 22nd. Apparently it's Cat Day.
LeonQ3 Li
Rabi It's July 13th.
LeonQ3 Rabi
Lucas April 8th.
LeonQ3 Lucas
Torahiko It's in fall, on October 16th!
LeonQ3 Torahiko
Kyosuke I was born on the 28th of September!
LeonQ3 Kyosuke
Akio February 29th. What bad luck to have your birthday only once every 4 years...
LeonQ3 Akio
Shiki It's November 2nd.
LeonQ3 Shiki
Hikaru On May 25th, a sinful man like me was born...
LeonQ3 Hikaru
Raku I was born on August 20th.
LeonQ3 Raku
Kokoro September 1st. Make sure to prepare a present.
LeonQ3 Kokoro
Runa November 11th.
LeonQ3 Runa
Momosuke It's on January 23th! Remember it as 1-2-3, okay? ♪
LeonQ3 Momosuke
Issei May 5th. Don't say useless things because it's Children's Day, alright?
LeonQ3 Issei
Futami March 30th. I was born early in the year.
LeonQ3 Futami
Takamichi October 12th. For your information, I was born earlier than Issei and Futami!
LeonQ3 Takamichi
Eva I don't have things such as birthdays, but in this present world I've decided it's June 13th...
LeonQ3 Eva
Mio July 7th, on Tanabata~♪
LeonQ3 Mio
Ban I was born on July 8th! Mio was a day earlier!
LeonQ3 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki August 7th. You can tell I was born in summer, right?
LeonQ3 Tsubaki
Toya On December 2nd.
LeonQ3 Toya
Tatsumi June 23rd.
LeonQ3 Tatsumi
Aoi I was born on April 29th.
LeonQ3 Aoi
Kuro April 4th. It's easy to remember, isn't it?
LeonQ3 Kuro
Saku It's May 16th.
LeonQ3 Saku
Baber December 31st...... New Year's Eve~
LeonQ3 Baber

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