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Let&#039;s have fun dancing 1 (1)
Mio: One, two, three! …Shoot, I still can’t do this transition right~!
Mio: And even after Eva-sama created a part for me where I’m front and center…!
Mio: Sigh… In any case, Eva-sama sure looked cool when he showed me how the dance to this part went…
Mio: I want to dance like that, too… And all I can do is practice in order to make that happen! Oookay, one more time!
Mio: One, two, three, and four, and one, two, three, and four…
Mio: Fwah–! And there’s a song to sing with this, too. This is so hard…
Producer: (That’s Yamanobe-kun… I wonder if he still has to be here for a lesson?)
Let&#039;s have fun dancing 1 (2)
Mio: But, but! There’s no way that I can let myself do anything but my very best, right ♪
Producer: (…This is the first time I’ve seen him have an expression on his face quite like that. I’ve always thought that he was really dependent on Eva-kun, but it seems like he’s quite self-reliant…)
Producer: (Apparently I’ve misunderstood him.)
Let&#039;s have fun dancing 1 (3)
Mio: And just what have you misunderstood?
Producer: Wah…!
Mio: Ahaha, what an overreaction that was, Producer-san. It almost seems like I gave you a scare.
Mio: Even you’re the one who was shocked me by choosing to spy on my practice time, Producer-san~
Producer: I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d notice.
Mio: There’s no way I wouldn’t. I’m not so oblivious as to not realize when someone’s staring me down like that.
Let&#039;s have fun dancing 1 (4)
Mio: I guess it’s fine for you to sneak a peek at me, but~…
Mio: If you peep on Eva-sama instead, then you might just make me wonder what kind of black magic I should use to curse you!
Producer: B-Black magic??
Mio: Yup. I’m really good at black magic ♪ Ah, but I guess your average person wouldn’t know what I meant by black magic.
Mio: Here, look. You draw a magic square out like this, and then–…
Producer: Y-Yamanobe-kun, do you practice after school like this often?
Mio: Hm? Yeah, I do. Ban aside, I don’t want to look lame in front of Eva-sama.
Mio: And if I can do everything well, then he’ll praise me a whole lot, too.
Producer: You really do love Eva-kun, don’t you?
Mio: Yup, I love him!
Let&#039;s have fun dancing 1 (5)
Mio: [Play] Singing together with Eva-sama is so much fun!
Mio: When we sing together… Well, I can’t help but feel like our voices meld together into one.
Mio: If you were to try singing with us, too, I’m sure you’d understand.
Producer: Me?
Mio: Yeah! It would be nice if we could all sing together sometime ♪


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