Mio: Producer-saaan!!
Let's have fun dancing 3 (1)
Mio: Look! This is my costume! It’s super cute, right?
Producer: Yeah, it’s really cute!
Mio: Isn’t it? Ehehe! Oops, I went and showed off in front of you.
Mio: The three of us are going to practice dancing after this, but…
Mio: Do you want to hang out for a bit before Eva-sama arrives? Producer-san.
Producer: Of course.
Let's have fun dancing 3 (2)
Mio: Just like I thought, dancing feels totally different now that I’m in this costume.
Producer: I bet. Especially since your costumes has so many frills.
Mio: Uh-huh. But they’re cute, aren’t they?
Producer: But in exchange, you can’t see how your hands move the same way you could up until now. I think it’s important to consider how you’ll make sure everyone sees them, given the situation.
Mio: Yeah. You’re right, aren’t you? It’s really important to show off how wonderfully my hands move, even in this outfit…
Mio: I’m gonna do a trial run of this dance, so will you watch me go through one song?
Producer: Sure, got it. I’ll start up the music.
Mio: Okay. Well then, if you would!
Let's have fun dancing 3 (3)
Mio: …How was it?
Producer: Good. I think that it would look even nicer if you add a little variety to your movements, rather than just continuously moving about.
Mio: Ah, I see! The frills definitely would look prettier that way. So then, maybe if I turn here like this…
Producer: Yeah, yeah! That was really great!
Mio: Amazing, Producer-san! Eva-sama will definitely praise me for this!
Let's have fun dancing 3 (4)
Mio: Ehehe, it really is fun to practice with you, Producer-san…
Producer: It makes me happy to hear you say that.
Mio: You know, I’ve actually decided on a new dream of mine recently.
Producer: A dream? What kind of dream?
Let's have fun dancing 3 (5)
Mio: Even if it’s only once, I want to have a fun time singing and dancing with you. ♪
Mio: So make sure you remember all of the song and the choreography… by the next time we have practice, okay?
Producer: ...Eh?


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