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Let&#039;s snuggle together 2 (1)
Mutsuki: Phew… I’m so tired. It’s hard to dance in this outfit…
Producer: It certainly didn’t look like it was, though.
Mutsuki: But it would’ve been fine to just take a picture of how I always look…
Producer: Well, they are calling it a special program for New Year’s, after all. It’ll make everyone happier to see something that gives off a New Year’s vibe.
Mutsuki: I guess, but…
Let&#039;s snuggle together 2 (2)
Mutsuki: Even though it’s winter, I got all sweaty after I finished singing.
Mutsuki: Maybe I’ll take some of this off~
Producer: Eh?! Even though you were just going on about how cold you were?!
Mutsuki: Ehehe~. Maybe I should take a more sexy approach~
Producer: (Satsuki-kun said the same thing… As you’d expect of twins… But wait, this isn’t the time and place for that!)
Producer: That would cause a lot of problems, Mutsuki-kun! Besides, this was just the rehearsal, you know!? The real thing’s yet to come…!
Mutsuki: Yawn~… I’m sleepy…
Producer: God… Look, someone else still has to go through their rehearsal, so let’s just go back to the waiting room
Mutsuki: Yeah… Okay, let’s.
Producer: Hmm? What is it? Why’d you put your hand out?
Let&#039;s snuggle together 2 (3)
Mutsuki: I’m still sleepiness-impaired, so I’m saying you should grab my hand and lead me to the dressing room~
Producer: …Well, can’t be helped, I guess.
Mutsuki: …Mmm? Have I been asleep?
Producer: Ah, Mutsuki-kun. You’re finally up.
Mutsuki: …What are you looking at?
Producer: I’m looking over the video of the rehearsal just now on my phone. I was thinking that your kimono really did suit you as much as I had expected it would.
Mutsuki: …Do you like kimono?
Producer: Yeah. Although I haven’t had many opportunities to wear one myself.
Producer: I’ve never had too much of an interest in what clothes I personally wear. I only really think about what outfits all of you should wear next.
Producer: I really liked the Halloween costumes, and I’d really like to be able to see how a lot of different types of outfits look.
Let&#039;s snuggle together 2 (4)
Mutsuki: …Just recently, I’ve come to think it’s kind of fun to wear the outfits you pick out. But only a little bit.
Mutsuki: I get a little nervous wondering what kind of costume we’ll have given to us to wear. It’s kind of like meeting a new version of myself.
Mutsuki: Now that I know you’ve been thinking about us this whole time, I’m really happy.
Mutsuki: So, thank you, Producer.
Producer: Wh-What’s this, all of a sudden?
Let&#039;s snuggle together 2 (5)
Mutsuki: Somehow I just felt like saying it. …Fufu, what’s wrong, Producer? Your face is bright red.
Mutsuki: If I get to see such interesting reactions from you, then maybe I’ll say it again?


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