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Mutsuki: They’re finally done filming~!
Producer: Yup, good job out there!
Mutsuki: Sigh~. I wanna hurry up and go home so I get under the kotatsu and see Satsuki…
Producer: Well, that’s all we had to do for today.
Let&#039;s snuggle together 3 (1)
Mutsuki: I build up so much stress when I can’t see Satsuki. Isn’t it just the best to crawl under the kotatsu and doze off on the 1st?
Producer: Isn’t it, though? …I wish that I could return to that kind of lifestyle, too…
Mutsuki: You totally can! With me, that is.
Producer: But I’m a producer. There’s no way I can afford to relax like that.
Mutsuki: …Being a producer is rough, isn’t it?
Producer: It very much is. You finally understand that?
Mutsuki: I’ve always thought it was. I could absolutely never do it.
Producer: Ahaha, well, since you’ll fall asleep in any situation, you’re probably not suited for the job.
Producer: But seeing as you’re an idol already, that doesn’t matter, right?
Let&#039;s snuggle together 3 (2)
Mutsuki: Yeah, it’s fine~. Why don’t you try marketing me as a kotatsu-idol from now on, hmm~?
Mutsuki: Sigh… I wonder what Satsuki’s up to right now. Maybe he’s getting cozy under the kotatsu… I wonder if he’s resting well~?
Mutsuki: I wanna hurry up and go see Satsuki and get comfy, too…
Producer: Kotatsu really are great, aren’t they? As soon as I started living on my own I should have gone out and bought one…
Mutsuki: …Producer, don’t you have a kotatsu in your house?
Producer: Nope. Oh, but of course my family’s house has one. But when I left home I thought that it wasn’t something I particularly needed, so it’s just carried on not being there.
Mutsuki: Unbelievable. That’s unbelievable! I can’t even imagine what kind of life you’d live in the winter without a kotatsu!
Producer: W-What are you getting so insistent about? I mean, when this season rolls around, I do find myself thinking a kotatsu would be wonderful, but…
Let&#039;s snuggle together 3 (3)
Mutsuki: To think that, year after year, you go home when it’s so cold outside, but can’t experience crawling under a nice, warm kotatsu’s futon… Well, then–
Let&#039;s snuggle together 3 (4)
Mutsuki: Since you’re cold, I’ll warm you up, Producer~
Producer: !? Mu-Mutsuki-kun!
Mutsuki: See, if we keep close like this then you’ll be able to get warmer, don’t you think?
Producer: L-Let me go!
Mutsuki: Nooo way! I know! I’ve decided on what the favor I’ll ask of you is going to be. You have to stay like this for a while and let me make warm and cozy~
Producer: (Ugh… If he puts it like that, then there’s not much I can do about this…)
Let&#039;s snuggle together 3 (5)
Mutsuki: Ahh… Producer, now you’re super warm~. That’s probably coming from the warmth of my heart~♪


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