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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Li Chaoyang

G-good morning. ... Um, who are you? It troubles me, when you look at me that much.
I am, Li Chaoyang. I've come from China. I'm a part of the band known as I♥︎B...
... Um, are you, done? I'm bad at talking with people I've just met...
Your identity? Of course, there's no way I would know that... Could you please not tease me...?
That name... could you, possibly be our producer...?
I'm sorry! I'm really shy... I was on guard...
That means I'm going to be an I-chu in your care...
I'm shy, so getting friendly right form the start... is impossible. But, ... I'll, do my best.

Initial R/RR Shyness
Second Batch R/RR The day I realized something important
Initial SR/UR Matching
Part-time Job SR/UR Famous Meat Buns
Circus SR/UR The tale of the pierrot's growth
Amusement Park SR/UR Exciting first date?!
Initial LE/GR Even I
Reading Week LE/GR Let your voice be heard
1st Anniversary LE/GR The privilege of a photo with a fan
Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi LE/GR Game of the little panda
Hot Springs LE/GR Naked socializing?!
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Hidden kiss

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