Please… Tell me your zodiac sign. I am Pisces…
Seiya Capricorn!
LiQ1 Seiya
Kanata Pisces!
LiQ1 Kanata
Akira Virgo. Ha ha, it doesn't suit me, right?
LiQ1 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Capricorn.
LiQ1 Satsuki
Mutsuki I'm Capricorn.
LiQ1 Mutsuki
Noah Pisces.
LiQ1 Noah
Leon Libra.
LiQ1 Leon
Rabi Cancer.
LiQ1 Rabi
Lucas Aries.
LiQ1 Lucas
Torahiko Libra~!
LiQ1 Torahiko
Kyosuke I'm Libra!
LiQ1 Kyosuke
Akio Pisces…
LiQ1 Akio
Shiki I'm Scorpio.
LiQ1 Shiki
Hikaru The beautiful Gemini.
LiQ1 Hikaru
Raku Leo.
LiQ1 Raku
Kokoro Virgo~! Isn't it perfect for me?
LiQ1 Kokoro
Runa Scorpio... Please don't say that it suits me just fine!
LiQ1 Runa
Momosuke It's Aquarius!
LiQ1 Momosuke
Issei I think it's Taurus, but don't you start using it for fortune telling!
LiQ1 Issei
Futami Aries. Baa~ baa~
LiQ1 Futami
Takamichi Libra.
LiQ1 Takamichi
Eva I think in this world's terms I'm a Gemini...
LiQ1 Eva
Mio Cancer! Crabbity-crab~
LiQ1 Mio
Ban Cancer! The same as Mio~
LiQ1 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Leo.
LiQ1 Tsubaki
Toya I'm Sagittarius~
LiQ1 Toya
Tatsumi It's Cancer.
LiQ1 Tatsumi
Aoi It's Taurus.
LiQ1 Aoi
Kuro Aries. Are you going to predict my future or something with this information? File:LiQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku It's Taurus. Maybe I should try the sun sign astrology with Producer-chan. File:LiQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber The Capricorn.... I can say Baa baa, you know? File:LiQ1 Baber.ogg

Ehm… Please describe yourself in one phrase. I am a coward, I guess?
Seiya What's that word..."Vivacious"!
LiQ2 Seiya
Kanata Ehm, you know… I think I'm timid…
LiQ2 Kanata
Akira It's hard to come up with something about yourself, huh… People often call me mysterious.
LiQ2 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I've often been called an evil brat. Ishishi, it's a compliment!
LiQ2 Satsuki
Mutsuki ...I do things at my own pace?
LiQ2 Mutsuki
Noah Japanese has a nice expression for "fearless". Fufu.
LiQ2 Noah
Leon Energetic!
LiQ2 Leon
Rabi Maybe... A gentle personality.
LiQ2 Rabi
Lucas I think I want to be worthy of the word honest.
LiQ2 Lucas
Torahiko A free-spirited man!
LiQ2 Torahiko
Kyosuke I wonder... I mess up a lot, so maybe I'm just barely hanging on?
LiQ2 Kyosuke
Akio I'm just gloomy... Fuhi-.
LiQ2 Akio
Shiki I'm often told that I'm a flashy guy~
LiQ2 Shiki
Hikaru Everything about me is beautiful!
LiQ2 Hikaru
Raku I'm a devilish person, so you'd better be careful.
LiQ2 Raku
Kokoro In one word - cute!
LiQ2 Kokoro
Runa An honor student, probably. Many people think that. Perhaps because my father is a politician?
LiQ2 Runa
Momosuke People often tell me that I'm a crybaby, and I think they're right...
LiQ2 Momosuke
Issei I'm what they call a delinquent. I've been called that since long ago, so I'm used to it!
LiQ2 Issei
Futami Eh? I'm a NEET. Any problem with it?
LiQ2 Futami
Takamichi I'm a capable man! H-hey! Don't say "weak"!
LiQ2 Takamichi
Eva The noblest of noble devil kings. I am Bloody Master!
LiQ2 Eva
Mio I'm the lovely and loyal follower of Master ♪
LiQ2 Mio
Ban Simple and innocent!
LiQ2 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki The backbone, a big bro. That's how I am in the group.
LiQ2 Tsubaki
Toya I'm told that I'm pretty calm.
LiQ2 Toya
Tatsumi I'm the type who feels down easily~ But I recover quickly too!
LiQ2 Tatsumi
Aoi Punctual, a clean-freak. That's pretty normal, isn't it?
LiQ2 Aoi
Kuro I'm the serious type.... Saku says that I have a poor person's mentality but that's not true. File:LiQ2 Kuro.ogg
Saku Earnest! Really fitting for me, right? File:LiQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber Hmm... I don't know... File:LiQ2 Baber.ogg

What are you interested in about China?
Seiya If you say China it reminds me of Shorinji Kempo! [1] HOWACHA!
LiQ3 Seiya
Kanata Pandas are cute~
LiQ3 Kanata
Akira I think the tricks of China's Acrobatic Troupe are amazing.
LiQ3 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Chinese food is delicious. Ah, now I want to eat ramen.
LiQ3 Satsuki
Mutsuki The Great Wall of China is wonderful, isn't it? I wonder, how many people did it take to build it?
LiQ3 Mutsuki
Noah I'm interested in the fountain at Senado Square.
LiQ3 Noah
Leon I want to see the panoramic view from Macao Tower!
LiQ3 Leon
Rabi It has to be the food! Chinese food is delicious!
LiQ3 Rabi
Lucas Shangai is a developed city, so I want to see it once.
LiQ3 Lucas
Torahiko I want to go and sketch pandas!
LiQ3 Torahiko
Kyosuke Why is Chinese food so delicious!?
LiQ3 Kyosuke
Akio I want… To see a panda.
LiQ3 Akio
Shiki Chinese food. Now I feel like eating shark fin soup~
LiQ3 Shiki
Hikaru The cheongsam they have there looks like it'll suit me well.
LiQ3 Hikaru
Raku I'd like to go to Huangshan. I might get inspiration there.
LiQ3 Raku
Kokoro Pandas are cute~!
LiQ3 Kokoro
Runa Let's see. I wonder, would I look good in cheongsam?
LiQ3 Runa
Momosuke Tapioca milk tea is delicious~
LiQ3 Momosuke
Issei I'm not really interested... But I'm kind of interested in the Chinese food there... Like mapo doufu, for example...
LiQ3 Issei
Futami Pandas are quite adorable, but they can't beat Namakemono's charm!
LiQ3 Futami
Takamichi Chinese tea. Sometimes I have my butler or maid serve it for me.
LiQ3 Takamichi
Eva Black teas are nice, but Chinese teas aren't bad either.
LiQ3 Eva
Mio Within Chinese medicinal cooking, there are also a lot of ingredients useful for black magic~ ♪
LiQ3 Mio
Ban Xiaolongbao is so delicious... I'm drooling just thinking about it...
LiQ3 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Like the Chinese cuisine? Somehow I feel hungry now...
LiQ3 Tsubaki
Toya I'd like to see pandas and be soothed. They're fluffy after all~
LiQ3 Toya
Tatsumi Chinese medicines are very effective!
LiQ3 Tatsumi
Aoi I like flowering tea. The way it looks like it's blooming is very beautiful, isn't it?
LiQ3 Aoi
Kuro China, huh. I think that it's a country with a long history. File:LiQ3 Kuro.ogg
Saku Chinese clothes are so cute! I want Producer-chan to wear one too~ File:LiQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Pandas are cute! Chaoyang-kun is cute too! File:LiQ3 Baber.ogg


  1. Modern Japanese martial art based on Shaolin kung fu

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