Producer: Geez... I just went out for a walk, I can't believe I'm sweating this much.
Producer: Before I return back to school, I'll go cool down for a bit.
Producer: Are there any vacant seats?... Huh?
Producer: That person sitting in the back reading a book... Lucas-kun?
Producer: (I wonder what he's reading. He's got a more gentler expression than normal)
Producer: (I've never seen him with such an expression)
Longed for Fairytale 1 (1)
Lucas: ... How long do you plan on watching me like that, producer?
Producer: Ah! You noticed...?
Lucas: Anyone would get ideas if you were staring at them so rudely.
Producer: You've mastered some really hard Japanese haven't you?
Lucas: Don't mock me.
Producer: (... He's returned back to the usual Lucas-kun. Even though he had such a great expression earlier...)
Longed for Fairytale 1 (2)
Lucas: How long are you going to stand there? You came here to cool off too right? The seat opposite me is vacant.
Producer: Eh? You're okay with having tea together?
Lucas: Wouldn't it be weird if you left for another seat now? ... An awkward excuse would do you little.
Producer: Well then, I'll kindly accept your offer...
Producer: By the way, I've been curious since earlier, but what book were you reading?
Producer: It appears quite the colorful book.
Longed for Fairytale 1 (3)
Lucas: ...!? This is...
Producer: Sorry! If you don't want to tell me you don't have to!
Lucas: It's no big deal, it shouldn't be a problem if I tell you...
Longed for Fairytale 1 (4)
Lucas: This is a book of fairy tales I used to read a lot since I was a kid.
Producer: (Ah... it's that gentle expression again.That must be a book he really likes?)
Lucas: ... It must be weird for me to read fairy tales after all.
Producer: I don't think it's weird. I don't think it's weird... but I just thought it was a bit surprising.
Lucas: I see. You're very sincere.
Lucas: I brought this over from France, but it was ordered from Japan. The author is a famous Japanese person
Lucas: You've heard of the name 'Tiger Kids' haven't you?
Producer: Tiger Kids? Somehow that sounds like the name of a pro wrestler. Such a person is an author?
Lucas: Could it be that you're unaware? Even though Tiger Kids is a fairy tale author active not only in Japan but worldwide!?
Lucas: The content, but even more so, this bold color usage. I've liked reading this author's fairy tales for a long time.
Producer: ...If you're praising it like that, it must be a wonderful book.
Producer: You've got me curious, what do you mean by content?
Lucas: There's stories about human babies being raised by wild animals. It's a good story about overcoming barriers and nurturing family love.
Lucas: It could be that I wanted to be loved like the children in this book
Longed for Fairytale 1 (5)
Lucas: ... I lost my mother at a young age. My father began to neglect me so I must have begun to long for that kind of love.
Producer: Lucas-kun...


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