Longed for Fairy Tale 2 (1)
Lucas: ... Never mind, perhaps I spoke too much. Forgot what I just said
Bzzt bzzt
Lucas: ... Producer. Your phone's ringing
Producer: Eh? Ah, it is. The person calling is... Rabi-kun?
Rabi: Sorry teacher. Calling you out on your day off
Producer: No problem, it's fine. More importantly, did you have something you wanted to discuss?
Longed for Fairy Tale 2 (2)
Rabi: There is something I'd like to discuss but... huh? That's Lucas isn't it
Lucas: I heard from you that you had something to discuss about the group festival. If it's about the band I'd be better if I were present wouldn't it?
Rabi: You're more than welcome. It's just that... if you know about that, that must mean you've been with the producer all the way up until now?
Lucas: ...Am I not allowed to be with this person?
Rabi: That's not true! I'm happy you've become good friends with the producer
Longed for Fairy Tale 2 (3)
Lucas: W-we've haven't become friends...!
Rabi: Alright alright. Continuing the discussion, I'm a bit indecisive about the set list
Teacher: Ah, uh huh. That's right, the number of songs is limited so...
Lucas: ... Wait, if that's the case there are songs that definitely can't be removed
Longed for Fairy Tale 2 (4)
Lucas: ...
Producer: ...
Producer: (What should I do... it's nice that he's seeing me off but I have to keep up a conversation. Anything anything, what should I talk about...!)
Lucas: You really saved me today too
Producer: Eh?
Lucas: I'm referring to the set list. The members all contributed their various opinions, but... as expected
Producer: I see. You should have asked me sooner. I'm sure you would have preferred to practice, not just talk with the others, right?
Lucas: ... Today, there was a reason why I decided to take a break and read fairy tales. You really saved me. Thank you
Producer: That's my duty so it's not a problem. Please rely on me more
Lucas: Pfft. I will
Lucas: At this time's group festival, I promise you we'll definitely succeed
Longed for Fairy Tale 2 (5)
Lucas: Please look forward to what's coming up. With just the effort you've put in, I'll return the favor!
Producer: Okay. I'll look forward to it!


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