Longed for Fairy Tale 3 (1)
Lucas: Thank you for this amazing concert. Being able to preform in front of you guys like this, was a lot of fun!
Lucas: From here on out we'll continue running along this path at full speed. Won't you guys come along and join us?
Lucas: I won't forget this time called today. Being able to to share our music at the same time and the same place, is really amazing
Lucas: We'll meet again! At our solo concert! I promise you it'll be even more fun than today!!
Longed for Fairy Tale 3 (2)
Torahiko: This is quite the artistic stage isn't it?
Lucas: Torahiko. Were you watching?
Torahiko: Well, it's our turn next after all. I was watching okay? We'll heat up the stage way more than you!
Lucas: Ah, I'm expecting as much. But... doing better than us on the stage will be an impossible feat
Torahiko: Nishishi! Well if you put it that way! We have a different, more explosive way to heat up a crowd!
Torahiko: Well then, I'm off!
Lucas: He's always been a noisy guy even before the performance... that aside, I have no idea about this "charm" he's talking about...
Producer: Lucas-kun! Welcome back. Good work at the concert
Longed for Fairy Tale 3 (3)
Lucas: Aah. Getting the crowd so excited, it's all thank to you
Producer: No no, getting the crowd so happy, that was all, that was all thanks to your power
Producer: Especially since you did those enthusiastic preparations with Torahiko this time!
Lucas: ... If you say so, it might just be like that
Producer: Lucas-kun, somehow you look happier than normal after today's concert. Smiling like that, somehow even I can't-
Lucas: ... What happened? You look more out of it today than normal
Producer: That..., could be so...
Lucas: Heh... that way of talking! I was just joking you know?
Producer: Lucas-kun telling jokes...!!
Lucas: What kind of person did you think I was...? I'm allowed to tell jokes once in awhile too
Producer: Haha! I see. Somehow, a lot of exciting things happened today
Lucas: Exciting things?
Producer: Perhaps up until now it wasn't really the atmosphere to tell jokes. I'm happy we've gotten closer
Longed for Fairy Tale 3 (4)
Lucas: I-I see...
Producer: Yep! Also before the concert, I talked with Rabi-kun for a bit
Lucas: With Rabi...?
Producer: He was very surprised you were with me the whole time before now. After he found out he was relived, is what he told me
Producer: It was because he said he'd never seen Lucas-kun, who's twice as wary as a normal person, talking to anyone other than the members like that before
Producer: I'd be happy if you've become able to rely on me now
Producer: I might have just suddenly felt it too when I saw Lucas-kun's expression, and maybe my face loosened up without me realizing it
Lucas: ...It could be that I...
Producer: Huh?
Longed for Fairy Tale 3 (5)
Lucas: If I'm with you... no, it's nothing. I look forwards to working with you from here on out as well
Producer: Of course! Same here. I look forwards to it
Lucas: (Aah... It's hard to put your thoughts into words properly. It's times like these that make me jealous of Leon)
Producer: What's wrong? Your face looks like it's loosened up too, Lucas-kun
Lucas: Not really... it's nothing

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