Producer: ...Eh, Issei-kun?
Issei: Ah, it's you, [name]...?
Producer: It's unusual to see you alone like this. What's up? Drinking away the bad mood?
Love Game A 1 (1)
Issei: Moron, I'm not doing that.....Rather, why are you here?
Producer: One has times where they feel like drinking alone, right?
Issei: You're not the same as me....Aren't you busy with work?
Producer: Kind of
Issei: That "kind of" doesn't include the stuff that bear told you to do right?
Producer: No way...was it that clear?
Love Game A 1 (2)
Issei: ...As clear as day. It's about the preparations for that thanksgiving, isn't it?
Producer: Yes
Issei: ...Thanksgiving, huh. To think it would turn out in something as big as this
Issei: The fact that I'm aiming for the top as an idol still hasn't changed though.
Issei: I still haven't gotten used to...lessons, fan interactions and the such
Producer: At the start you used to say that a lot, but now it seems you've actually become good at it
Issei: If it wasn't for work I wouldn't be doing something so annoying!
Issei: And in the first place, being friendly isn't my thing. Wouldn't it be enough for me to stay quiet and just sing....
Producer: But that wouldn't be called being an idol, right? You would be an I-Chu until the end, you know?
Love Game A 1 (3)
Issei: I know....Damn, it's so bothersome
Producer: ....Hey, Issei-kun. What's...that?
Issei: This? A card. This is the ace of hearts
Produer: Why do you have only one with you?
Issei: Well, a lot happened....To celebrate the event I decided to play a game with Futami and Takamichi
Producer: A game with cards?
Producer: .....You weren't gambling, right?
Issei: Don't worry. We didn't bet money or anything like that
Producer: Hmmph. Well, fine then. So....What meaning does that Ace of Hearts have?
Issei: I won't say it. And I won't say it to you in particular. This is one of the rules we guys decided
Producer: What's with that! Don't keep me out of it!
Love Game A 1 (4)
Issei: Fuh, if you're that interested then you will have to keep your eyes on me until the end of the event
Issei: I think you'll have really fun, y'know? ...Anyways
Producer: Hm?
Issei: How long to you plan to stay like that? Order something
Producer: Ah!! S-Sorry! I forgot!
Issei: Really, you haven't changed at all from the past....Kuku

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