Producer: ....Ah, it became so late....The key of the window is...yes, it's fine
Producer: The lights are on in the lesson room. But there wasn't supposed to be anyone left now...
??? ~♪
Producer: (This voice, it's Issei-kun...?)
Love Game A 2 (1)
Issei: ......~♪
Producer: (A dance and singing lesson...He's being so serious about it...Somehow, it's difficult to call out to him)
Issei: ........What are you doing at this hour?
Producer: ...! S-Same goes for you too
Issei: It's easier for me to practice when there isn't anyone. I don't like being teased about the parts I'm not good at
Producer: But it's not a bad thing to practice, so why alone?
Love Game A 2 (2)
Issei: ....Well, you might be right. But it's about what's off-character.
Issei: I never thought I would start taking seriously being an I-Chu...
Issei: I also never thought you would become our producer. But thanks to you the days haven't been boring for me
Producer: Ahaha, I'm glad that I managed to be your group's producer too
Issei: Hmm. ...By the way, did you hear the song? How was it? Point it out from a teacher's point of view
Producer: Eh, I've only seen the last part of it.....If you ask me out of the blue I'll be troubled.
Love Game A 2 (3)
Issei: Then....
Producer: (Issei-kun, his face....his face is too close...!!)
Issei: If you planned to go back home, do you have some time for me? Stay here for one song at least
Producer: Eh?
Love Game A 2 (4)
Issei: I'll sing for you. This night is special
Producer: ............
Issei: ............
Producer: It's unusual for you to say something like that....Did you eat something strange?
Issei: ....Listen here, can you not ruin the atmosphere for once....Well, that's something you would do, [name]
Issei: ....Today, you're the one staying by my side, [name]. That's why it's fine like this
Producer: ?? ....Well, fine then
Producer: (A meaningful remark...)
Producer: (He....mentioned the Ace of Hearts in the Bar the other day. Can this be...related to that)

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