Love Game A 3 (1)
Fan: Waaaaaaaa....!
Issei: Let's go with the next song. Everyone, follow me!
Producer: (The live is fired up! ...I'm glad. They're all saying different stuff but, they look like they're having fun)
Producer: (There were some autographs distributed before the live. I haven't gotten any report but they surely run out of those.)
Producer: Well, let's go back to the waiting room. It's almost time for Issei-kun to go down
Producer: ....There are several sheets of failed autographs, huh
Producer: (When he started practicing those he wold always say that it was annoying. The writing was even quite harsh...)
Producer: (But now it looks like a real idol's autograph. Fufu, he's growing up)
Love Game A 3 (2)
Issei: ......Hm, what. So you were here
Producer: Thank you for the hard work. Here, a towel. I will also leave you a bottle of water
Issei: Thanks
Producer: Ehm....Then....
Issei: .....Did you want my autograph?
Producer: Wha-! You're wrong. It-it just reminded me of something from the past so it's not like....
Issei: Hmmmm. So it's not like you don't want it
Producer: ....That's, well...a bit
Love Game A 3 (3)
Issei: Fuh....
Issei: Too bad, there isn't any autograph left for you. Instead I'll give you something even better
Producer: Eh? Wah....
Love Game A 3 (4)
Issei: *kisses*
Producer: (....! H-He ki....kiss....ed me on the lips.....)
Producer: W-w-w-w-w-w-what are you doing...!
Love Game A 3 (5)
Issei: A special autograph only for you
Producer: .......~~
Issei: Hey, do you remember about the game I did with them. I talked to you about it
Producer: I, remember it
Issei: The card I got was the Ace of Hearts. It changes it's nature depending on the card it's accompanied with
Issei: What do you think does it become when it's close to you, [name]
Producer: I, don't know that....
Love Game A 3 (6)
Issei: Being so dense must be a benefit. Are you unconsciously avoiding it?....Or is it on purpose?
Producer: ....?
Love Game A 3 (7)
Issei: Well, if you haven't noticed it yet it must mean that it's too early. If so...
Issei: I will give you my Ace other times too until you realize it

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