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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Lucas

...You're our producer? I don't get that feeling from looking at you.
I've only stated my true thoughts. There's a guy I want to get back at so that's why I'm here.
Therefore if I can't get any results it'd be meaningless.
And on that note, we're still amateur I-Chu. There's many aspects we'll need your guidance on.
Let me say "nice to meet you" for starters... But really, I've said some really conceited things.
If I upset you I apologize. I just wish for you to understand I'm very serious about this.
Well then producer. It's quite sudden but there's something I want to show you. Won't you come with me?

Initial R/RR Collision?!
Second Batch R/RR Origin of the composition
Initial SR/UR Anguish of the Composer in Charge
X'mas SR/UR Exchanging presents!?
June Bride SR/UR Rainy Love Story
Sports Festival SR/UR My first sports festival
RPG SR/UR Swordsman knowledge
Initial LE/GR Heart Buzz
Conte de fées LE/GR Longed for Fairy Tale
Astronomical Observation LE/GR Sparkle of trust
1st Anniversary LE/GR Melody of feelings
Poison×Poisson LE/GR PoisonxPoisson
Halloween 2016 LE/GR Mysterious person's feelings

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