Aliases Edit

Lucas' Aliases
Alias Called by
Lucas Seiya, Akira, Satsuki, Mutsuki, Noah, Leon, Chaoyang, Rabi, Torahiko, Hikaru, Raku, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, Issei, Takamichi, Eva, Mio, Ban, Kokoro, Ren
Lucas-kun Kanata, Kyosuke, Akio, Shiki, Toya, Futami, Momosuke
Ice Age Eva
Lucas-san Runa

Event story appearancesEdit

Appears in
Lucas event
Kouya no Frontier banner
Poison×Poisson banner
Eikoku Shinshi no mittsu no kokoroe banner
Lullaby of ice banner
Muteki no WILD PANTHERS banner
Shiroki Seiya no Avec amour banner
Mugen nemuri neko denki banner

Tarot GachaEdit

Lucas' Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Lucas R Tarot
Lucas RR Tarot
Lucas SR Tarot

Misc. Facts Edit

  • His favourite season is autumn because it's cool and peaceful and quiet.
  • His favourite colour is blue.
  • His favourite book genre is non-fiction.
  • He has a hobby of crafting bottle caps.
  • The historical figure he respects is Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  • He likes hot springs.
  • His favourite animal is dogs because they are loyal to their masters.
  • He isn't picky about clothes, except that he hates chara clothes. He has described Leon as chara before.
  • He composes the songs for I♥B.
  • He can't really dance well.
  • His favourite flower is chicory.
  • He likes sweet red bean soup.
  • If he went to a deserted island he says he wouldn't bring anything, as he is okay by himself.
  • He meditates before he goes to sleep.
  • He likes the scent of chamomile.
  • He can't cook. If he tries really hard he can make toast.
  • His mother passed away when he was young and his father chose work over him, leaving him in the care of his grandparents.
  • He would like to visit Chefchaouen in Morocco.
  • He wants to become worthy of the word honest.
  • He wants to visit Shanghai someday.
  • He finds Torahiko's paintings hard to understand.
  • He does muscle training every day. He also trains with his bass.
  • He is good at geology.
  • The animal he compares himself to is the wolf.
  • The power stone he likes is kyanite.
  • The most expensive thing he has bought is musical instruments.
  • He dislikes summer, and becomes doubly irritated if he meets Leon.
  • He has been called taciturn and says it is better than being like Leon.
  • If he were to be reincarnated he would like to become a wolf and live quietly in the mountains.
  • He sleeps 8 hours every night.
  • His most important treasure is the plectrum he got from Torahiko.
  • His favourite part of his body is his eyes. He likes them.
  • He says that there is no way that ghosts exist.
  • Eva has not given him any nickname.
  • He has forgotten his childhood dreams.
  • When he catches a cold he likes peace and quiet.
  • He hasn't fallen in love before.
  • The iKids Ren Kashiwagi looks up to Lucas as a composer.
  • He is in third generation.
  • Type he likes: a girl who isn't too loud.
  • Torahiko considers him stoic.
  • Is described as 'always looking angry' by Chaoyang even if he thinks he's not really mad at anything.
  • According to Chaoyang he gets really excited by fireworks.
  • He and Leon do not get along well.
  • Torahiko considers him one of his kind as an artist, as well as believing his passion for fairytales means he's a sensitive and good person.
  • It is revealed in the Lucas and Leon FanxFunxGift light novel chapter that his hometown is located in Orléans, a city in north-central France. He and Leon traveled here in the mentioned light novel chapter to visit Lucas' grandparents.