First Season


Chapters 1-10

Chapter 1
I'll become a samurai idol!

Chapter 2
The prank twins and the scheming prince

Chapter 3
Kuma appears

Chapter 4
The halfway I-Chu

Chapter 5
The artist is unique?

Chapter 6
Female producer

Chapter 7
The sudden change of the senpai I-Chu

Chapter 8
Let's stand on the start site!

Chapter 9
You're not alone

Chapter 10
You are I-Chu's

Chapters 11-20

Chapter 11
The discord with the producer

Chapter 12
The appearance of the bad adults!

Chapter 13
Council of war

Chapter 14
Advent of the Bloody Master!

Chapter 15
Uncertain factors

Chapter 16
Catharsis collapse

Chapter 17
With feelings

Chapter 18
Tenjyou Tenge's unannounced visit!

Chapter 19
Dreams and reality

Chapter 20
The Hero that's not alone

Chapters 21-30

Chapter 21
I'll stand near you

Chapter 22
Kokoro's friends?

Chapter 23
Newborn POP'N STAR

Chapter 24
Master's teachings

Chapter 25
Absolute Roots

Chapter 26
Attack! Model Photoshoot

Chapter 27
Dream collaboration?!

Chapter 28
I♥B's TV Debut!

Chapter 29
Showdown of telepathic synchrony!

Chapter 30
Kokoro's Lovely Lesson ♪

Chapters 31-38

Chapter 31
Rainbow-colored Call&Response

Chapter 32
Real bonds

Chapter 33
Letting the song show the true emotions

Chapter 34
Trust and relief

Chapter 35
Before becoming a producer

Chapter 36
Producer's plan

Chapter 37
I won't hand over the leading role

Chapter 38
We are I☆CHU!

Second Season


Chapters 1-10

Labyrinthe Chapter 1
Underground Idols

Labyrinthe Chapter 2
Song Alchemists

Labyrinthe Chapter 3
Stormy school life

Labyrinthe Chapter 4
The stalker and Baber

Labyrinthe Chapter 5
Empty stage

Labyrinthe Chapter 6
A long journey

Labyrinthe Chapter 7

Labyrinthe Chapter 8
Kid of the tiger

Labyrinthe Chapter 9
A parent's love

Labyrinthe Chapter 10
The devil's opera

Chapters 11-20

Labyrinthe Chapter 11
Broken twin bells

Labyrinthe Chapter 12
A step forward

Labyrinthe Chapter 13
Double-edged sword

Labyrinthe Chapter 14
Curiosity killed the cat

Labyrinthe Chapter 15
I want to be kind

Labyrinthe Chapter 16
The difference between real and false intentions

Labyrinthe Chapter 17
Trust to match our backs

Labyrinthe Chapter 18
Tune that disappeared

Labyrinthe Chapter 19
Unmoving fingertips

Labyrinthe Chapter 20
Resounding quintet

Chapters 21-28

Labyrinthe Chapter 21
Fallen queen

Labyrinthe Chapter 22
Evil intentions

Labyrinthe Chapter 23
A small revolution

Labyrinthe Chapter 24
Absent conqueror

Labyrinthe Chapter 25
I don't want to give up

Labyrinthe Chapter 26
Howl of grief

Labyrinthe Chapter 27
United whisper

Labyrinthe Chapter 28
Tough decision

Story last updated: 07/23/2017

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