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Chapter 1-2 lets hug
Seiya: I’m Aido Seiya! Let’s be good friends as the same third generation students! As the symbol of friendship, a hug!
Akira: Oops! … I’ll pass on the hug.
Seiya: …Eh~, how cold.
Chapter 1-2 1
Akira: You have an extremely broad-minded personality, huh.
Akira: Don’t tell me, judging from your appearance, you have foreign blood in you?
Seiya: Yeah! An unstoppable Japan-loving American born, American raised, JPN. Jr, is me!
Seiya: Call me Seiya!
Akira: Seiya is an extremely cheerful person, huh.
Akira: More importantly, you, the one that was cheerfully jumping around until a few moments ago, stopped talking, huh?
Chapter 1-2 are you half3
Kanata: ?!
Seiya: Oh? Oh yeah, that’s right. Oi, Kanata! Where’s your cheerfulness from a moment ago?
Kanata: ...
Akira: Don’t tell me, are you shy?
Seiya: But earlier, he talked casually to me though?
Chapter 1-2 are you half4
Kanata: …Because Seiya is easy to talk to.
Akira: Then, what about me?
Kanata: …You’re big and scary. –—That’s what Rabirabi said.
Seiya: !? You and Rabirabi can use “Telepathy” with each other?! That’s amazing…!
Akira: I see… So Rabirabi said that. Then, wont you look at me and shall we talk?
Kanata: !
Akira: With this, we’re looking at each other, right? How is it? Am I still hard to approach?
Kanata: No! Rabirabi also said he’s not scared anymore!
Akira: I’m glad. That rabbit doll is really cute, huh.
Kanata: Ehehe. Thank you!
Chapter 1-2 are you half5
Akira: Call me Akira. Because I, too, will call you Kanata.
Kanata: Yeah! Nice to meet you, Akira-kun!


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