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10-3 Twinkle meaning
Satsuki: Using "Twinkle" just because we're twins is too simple.
Mutsuki: It's conventional~
Kumakocho: When you two sing alongside each other it looks like two bells. Twinkle♪ Twinkle♪
Satsuki&Mutsuki: It's too common~
Kumakocho: ...As expected of twins. Your breathing is in synchrony isn't it? Mr.Bear got double hurt...
Chapter 10-3 Common (1)
Seiya: Principal! Quick, tell us our group name too!
Kanata: I'm excited!
Kumakocho: Being in a hurry is a non non♪
Kumakocho: Then, I'll announce it no~w!
Kumakocho: And lastly, Seiya-kun, Kanata-kun and Akira-kun.
Kumakocho: Your group name is "F∞F".
Chapter 10-3 Common (2)
Seiya: Fire Phoenix?
Kumakocho: Yes! It's "Fire Fenix"~
Akira: ....Isn't "Phoenix" the right spelling?
Kumakocho: Ufufu~ It has a proper meaning~
Kumakocho: Try to look at the left "F" as mirrored. Don't they look like wings?
Chapter 10-3 Common (3)
Kanata: Ah!? It's true! That's why it's "Fenix"!
Akira: I it was like that.
Seiya: ...I don't really understand what it's about but, anyways it looks like it's burning in flames!
Akira: Oya? Seiya, you don't know about the Phoenix, the Immortal Bird?
Seiya: Immortal...bird...?
Kanata: It's about the legendary bird that has it's body covered in flames! The immortal bird that resuscitates from the fire!
Akira: You knew it well, Kanata. Very good.
Kanata: Ehehe~ I got praised!
Seiya: Bird of fire...Phoenix! Ain't it very cool!!
Kumakocho: Well then, now that the group names have been decided...
Chapter 10-3 Common (4)
Kumakocho: Everyone is now a proper I-Chu~ From now on you'll have to give it your best as idols of Ailedore office~
Everyone: Yes!

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