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11-3 Ask Mutsuki
Seiya: Hey, Mutsuki. If it's you then you might be able to stop Satsuki!
Mustuki: But I'm Satsuki's ally so...
Satsuki: That's right! Mutsuki is my ally! Outsiders should stay silent!
Chapter 11-3 (4)
Satsuki: Anyways! It's impossible for a female producer to lead us!
Satsuki: Moreover, "teaching us a lot of things", are you saying that we have to follow her even though she's a woman?
Seiya: If she's the producer of course we have to follow her!
Mutsuki: Satsuki's words may be harsh, but I understand what he means by that you know?
Chapter 11-3 (5)
Seiya: As I said---!
Producer: Calm down, Aido-kun.
Seiya: You...
Producer Kururugi-kun, I understand the reason why you don't approve of me as your producer.
Satsuki: I see. Then will you say bye bye to us now?
Producer: No. I'm here because it's my job, so I can't do that. That's why---
Producer: Is it okay for me to say that I need to prove that I'm able to lead you I-Chu's?
Satsuki: That's right but...
Producer: Understood. Then, Kururugi-kun, let's go to dance now.
Satsuki: Huh?
Producer: Since we've decided, let's go. Follow me.
Satsuki Wha-?! What's up with her! Fine, let's have a match!

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