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13-2 F∞F
Kokoro: F∞F is composed by three persons and it seems like Seiya Aido is the leader.
Kokoro: However, what I'm more concerned about in the first place is...Kanata Minato! His character overlaps with mine!
Kokoro: What's up with him carrying around a stuffed toy...I wonder if I should get something too.
Takamichi: (You have a lot more of a "cute girl" image than him!)
Chapter 13-2 (6)
Issei: I see. It seems each group's characteristics are unraveling...
Issei: With this I got a general idea about the groups.
Takamichi: Is there anyone in the third gen we can have expectations of? Tell us what you've seen so far.
Kokoro: Not really? There isn't anyone that sticks out you know? They feel complete only by being together.
Kokoro: But...I'll have to bet a bit on that samurai idiot.
Issei: Samurai idiot?
Kokoro: Yep. There's an incredible idiot you know~

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