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13-2 Twinkle
Kokoro: Those twins are always together.
Kokoro: Just because they're twins their dancing and singing is in perfect synch.
Kokoro: Somehow the younger twin, Satsuki, moves around as he likes while the older twin, Mutsuki, follows him.
Kokoro: Conversely, if Mutsuki gets tired Satsuki will back him up.
Futami: Hee. Kokoro-chan, you've been looking at the kids in the third generation with attention haven't you~
Kokoro: Truth is, I heard this information from the producer. As expected of my Producer!
Chapter 13-2 (6)
Issei: I see. It seems each group's characteristics are unraveling...
Issei: With this I got a general idea about the groups.
Takamichi: Is there anyone in the third gen we can have expectations of? Tell us what you've seen so far.
Kokoro: Not really? There isn't anyone that sticks out you know? They feel complete only by being together.
Kokoro: But...I'll have to bet a bit on that samurai idiot.
Issei: Samurai idiot?
Kokoro: Yep. There's an incredible idiot you know~

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