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14-1 ArS (1)
Torahiko: Then, I'll go on a journ--
Shiki: Everyone! Secure Tora-chan!!
14-1 ArS (2)
Kyosuke: Roger!
Akio: Since it's a request from Shiki-kun I won't refuse...
Hikaru: Let's capture him beautifully!
Torahiko: Uwah! There are still a few days left until the performance!
Kyosuke: You can't! You always say that but then you might not return for about a month or so~
14-1 ArS (3)
Torahiko: That's...It depends on the mood of the moment!
Akio: Then, you can't go...
14-1 ArS (4)
Shiki: By the way Raku-kun, won't you help us?
Raku: Hm? It's funnier to just look
14-1 ArS (5)
Torahiko: Ok ok...Well then, let's go~
Chapter 14-1 (2)
Seiya: See you tomorrow~
Seiya: Good! Well then, Kanata, Akira! Let's practice a bit for the recording!
Akira: Okay, I'll go with you.
Kanata: Seiya! Will you listen to my singing later too?
Seiya: Of course--
Chapter 14-1 (3)
???: Fu. At last, I returned from the underworld...
???: Even though us, humans and spirits, cannot live in harmony...
Chapter 14-1 (4)
Seiya: ...Somehow, an incredible guy appeared?
Akira: It might be someone suspicious so you two step back and...
Kanata: Eh? But he looks like a boy about my age...
Seiya: Hey! Who are you!
Chapter 14-1 (5)
Bloody Master: You ignorant human that doesn't understand anything. Engrave my name in your ignorant brain!
Bloody Master: I am called Bloody Master! If you understand then lower your head and show respect!!
Chapter 14-1 (6)
Bloody Master: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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