16-3 Ib (1)
Noah: Good morning, Seiya.
Seiya: Oh! Good morning, Noah! ...Somewhat, your hair is really silky today, isn't it?
16-3 Ib (2)
Rabi&Chaoyang: ..........
16-3 Ib (3)
Lucas&Leon: ..........
16-3 Ib (4)
Seya: ...Now that I look better, everyone's hair is really silky. Did something happen?
Noah: Fufu. I think you should ask Leon, you know? Right, Leon?
Leon: !? Awawawa.....
16-3 Ib (5)
Chaoyang: *shivering*
Lucas: Why are you afraid even though Noah isn't angry at you?
Chaoyang: Lu-Lucas...But he's--he's scary...
16-3 Ib (6)
Noah: Come on, Leon. Explain...
Leon: Tr-truth is, I thought about preparing a stargazy pie to celebrate the performance...
Seiya: Stargazy pie?
16-3 Ib (7)
Rabi: It's a pie that has Pacific herring fish inside. In England, they make it a lot.
Seiya: Eeh!
Leon: However, when I was about to insert the pie in the oven, I tripped and the pie ended up on everyone's faces...
Seiya: Oh my god![1]
16-3 Ib (8)
Noah: That's right. Thanks to Leon, our hair started stinking of fish, and because of the dough, our hair was sticky. It was troublesome.
Noah: It couldn't be helped. So to get rid of the odor, I asked the butler for a shampoo with a good perfume...
Noah: But it had more effect on the cuticles than we thought, so that's why everyone's hair is silky.
Seiya: I see. Somehow, living together is troublesome too...
Noah: Well, I've bought a very spacious house here in Japan, so there aren't problems.
16-3 Ib (9)
Rabi: Sometimes stuff happens, too. And the source of the problems is mainly Leon, you know?
Leon: I said I'm sorry~!
Chapter 16-3 (8)
Issei: It seems everyone is here...
Eva: Well, that's only natural. Today is really important for them, after all.
Seiya: Issei! Bloody Master!
Chapter 16-3 (9)
Seiya: Today, we will do the best recording ever, so you have to look at us with attention!
Issei: Yes! I thought you would be more afraid, but I'm glad you're not looking like that, you know?
Seiya: Hehe. On the contrary, I can't wait with how much I'm looking forward to it.

Ah! I'll never let go of Kanata!

Chapter 16-3 (10)
Akira: That's right. I don't feel like losing.
Eva: Dark Sword...
Eva: Hm. You repelled the darkness inside you with the light. Interesting...Challenges have to be like this!
Producer: ...It seems everyone is ready.
Producer: Well then, let's go to the recording room!


  1. He says this in English.

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