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16-3 Twinkle (1)
Satsuki: ......
Mutsuki: Satsuki~. You don't need to worry so much. It's okay!
16-3 Twinkle (2)
Satsuki: !? I know! I'm in perfect condition as always. Look, as you can see--
Akio: Eek!? Something cold's on my neck...
Satsuki: Ishishi! Come on, Akio. This is some soda from me!
Akio: Fu, fuhii. You have definitely shaken it right? If I open it the drink will come out right?!
Satsuki: ...You're smart for being Akio! As punishment I'll attack you controller with static electricity!
Akio: Eeeek! My hair! S-stop it~
Satsuki: Hmph!
16-3 Twinkle (3)
Mutsuki: Fufu~ Satsuki, you're so cute when you try to relieve your stress by playing pranks on Akio-kun...
Mutsuki: After smiling ...I feel sleepy...Zzz zzz
16-3 Twinkle (4)
Akio: N-now's not the time to play pranks on me! Mutsuki fell asleep before the performance!
Satsuki: Geh! I shouldn't let Mutsuki sleep now! Akio, help me wake him up!
Akio: Wh-why me?
Satsuki: Because it's your fault for making me neglect Mutsuki while playing a prank on you!
Akio: T-that's absurd~
Mutsuki: Zzz...zzz...
Chapter 16-3 (8)
Issei: It seems everyone is here...
Eva: Well, that's only natural. Today is really important for them after all.
Seiya: Issei! Bloody Master!
Chapter 16-3 (9)
Seiya: Today we will do the best recording ever so you have to look at us with attention!
Issei: Yes! I thought you would be more afraid but I'm glad you're not looking like that, you know?
Seiya: Hehe. On the contrary, I can't wait with how much I'm looking forward to it.

Ah! I'll never let go of Kanata!

Chapter 16-3 (10)
Akira: That's right. I don't feel like losing
Eva: Dark Sword...
Eva: Hm. You repelled the darkness inside you with the light. Interesting...Challenges have to be like this!
Producer: ...It seems everyone is ready.
Producer: Well then, let's go to the recording room!

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