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17-2 lancelot (1)
Issei: Hey...Aren't you spoiling the third generation a bit too much?
Producer: Were you eavesdropping? Todoroki-kun
Issei: It's just that your voice is loud...
17-2 lancelot (2)
Futami: Oh my~ Jealousy isn't nice at all~ Issei-san♪
Issei: I'll make you remember this later, Futami...
Futami: Oh no. Did he get angry?
17-2 lancelot (3)
Futami: Hey hey Producer. Won't you be ni~ce with us too and give advices
Producer: I will be nice if you don't come late everytime and make serious efforts in practice
Futami: Uwah~, you're asking too much
17-2 lancelot (4)
Takamichi: It's not too much, she's asking for an obvious thing....
Producer: It's exactly as Sanzenin-kun said. How about you start following Sanzenin-kun's example and be more serious?
Takamichi: ~~!
Futami: Ah~ Takamichi your face is bright red!
Takamichi: It-it's not red! I, I don't really care about her being nice to us or not!
Producer: (Did Sanzenin-kun...get embarrassed?)
Chapter 17-2 (10)
Akira: ....Alright
Kanata: Akira-kun, I'll lend you my Rabirabi. Take him together with you in the booth
Kanata: Both me and Seiya-kun have the same feelings as you. So, if anything happens look at this and think about us.
Akira: Kanata....Yes, thank you!

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