17-2 popnstar (1)
Kokoro: Seiya Aido...He's actually really good.
Producer: When it comes to Seiya-kun, you become more serious, don't you, Hanabusa-san.
Kokoro: Kyaa! Geez producer, don't talk to me so suddenly~!
Producer: Ahaha, I'm sorry. But Aido-kun's singing is really great, isn't it?
Kokoro: Hmph! Compared to me, he still has a long way to go!
Producer: Certainly, you have more experience than him.
17-2 popnstar (2)
Kokoro: Producer...You're looking at me with attention too...
Producer: Of course. You're the best I-chu when it comes to individual abilities, and I'll make that a weapon.
Producer: If you're at this level after those years, I think in the future you will become an even greater idol.
*chest tightens*
17-2 popnstar (3)
Kokoro: P-producer...Geez, I love you!
Producer: Thank you! I like you a lot too.
Kokoro: I got complimented by you, so I definitely can't lose to Seiya Aido!
Chapter 17-2 (10)
Akira: ....Alright.
Kanata: Akira-kun, I'll lend you my Rabirabi. Take him together with you in the booth.
Kanata: Both me and Seiya-kun have the same feelings as you. So if anything happens, look at this and think about us.
Akira: Kanata....Yes, thank you!

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