17-2 reb (1)
Eva: As expected from Messiah. Being able to save that junior like this...Her purifying powers are dreadful...
Mio: I'll keep watch so that Eva-sama won't get purified!
Mio: If, by any chance, she manages to do it, I'll cast a curse on her...
17-2 reb (2)
Mio: I don't hate her, but if she becomes a foe I won't have mercy...
Producer: It's okay, Yamanobe-kun. I don't have purifying powers at all.
Producer: But more importantly, Jumonji-kun has been too quiet. I'm worried...
Ban: ..........
Eva: You do not need to worry...He is just---
Ban: Aaah...I'm hungry...
Producer: S-so that's what it was. But you have to be patient until the recording finishes, okay?
Ban: I'll be patient...
17-2 reb (3)
Eva: (Even though he ate a lot before the recording... Ah! Is it, perhaps, his growing period?)
Eva: (If he gets taller than this, my dignity will be affected!)
Eva: Guilty Clown...You are prohibited to eat until dinner!
Ban: Heh? EEH!? Wh-why, Master!
Eva: Do as I say!
17-2 reb (4)
Mio: Master's orders are absolute...If you don't do as he says, I'll curse you....
Ban: N-no~
Chapter 17-2 (10)
Akira: ....Alright.
Kanata: Akira-kun, I'll lend you my Rabirabi. Take him together with you in the booth.
Kanata: Both me and Seiya-kun have the same feelings as you. So if anything happens, look at this and think about us.
Akira: Kanata....Yes, thank you!

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