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18-1 kanata (1)
Kanata: Sacchan? Why have you been frying that meat with chili pepper since earlier?
Satsuki: Huh? Isn't that obvious? If I do it like this---
18-1 kanata (2)
Satsuki: Ah, there he is! He--y, Akio~!
Akio: Eek! Sa-satsuki...what do you want?
Satsuki: Today marks the end of the examination! Interacting more with each-other is the standart right?
Akio: B-but...I'm not good with interactions....
Satsuki: But it's not impossible to do. Anyways, since this is a barbeque let's eat the meat! You like it right?
Akio: Y-yes...I like meat, but?
18-1 kanata (3)
Satsuki: Then, come on, open your mouth? Say "aaa"
Akio: E...Eeh!
Satsuki: Don't be shy! Come on, aaa
Akio: A, aa
18-1 kanata (4)
Akio: S-Spicy!!
Satsuki: Hehe! That was a huge success~!
18-1 kanata (5)
Kanata: Uwawah...a-are you okay Akio-kun? Drink my water, come on!
Akio: *gulp*...Puwah! I-I thought I was about to die...
Satsuki: Ah~ I really feel refreshed after teasing Akio~
Akio: Eek! O-oni, demon![1]
Satsuki: Thank you for the compliments! Anyways, today's examination was really tiring~
18-1 kanata (6)
Kanata: Was your examination difficult?
Satsuki: That's right. I end up dwelling myself too much in a world consisting only of me and Mutsuki. There's no way we're annoying to each-other!
Satsuki: Our selling point is the fact that we are twins, so it's only natural to use that as appeal
Kanata: Selling point?
Satsuki: Right right. We're aiming to become idols so it's only normal to use our individuality like Kokoro-san to sell, right?
18-1 kanata (7)
Kanata: Sacchan, you're amazing...I never thought of myself that way
Satsuki: Is that so? But, you have a selling factor so how about you use it?
Satsuki: Well then, I'm gonna bully Akio a but, he's not here!
Satsuki: He ran away! I'm going to search for him!
Kanata: A way to sell...
Producer: (I'm glad everyone is having fun...)
Chapter 18-1 (9)
Kumakocho: Producer-chan, are you having fun~?
Producer: President! Yes, I'm relaxing like everyone else too.
Kumakocho: I see~, then I'm happy~. Since the third generation and second generation are all here I wish for them to interact more with each-other~
Producer: Yes!
Kumakocho: And the first generation came back too. Geez what genius I was to propose the barbeque~
Producer: Yes!...What did you just say?
Kumakocho: Hm~ That the first generation returned---
Producer: Please say such important things earlier!
Chapter 18-1 (10)
??? Don't get so angry, Producer
Producer: !? Ri, Rindo-kun?
Tsubaki: Yo! I'm back!


  1. oni are demons of japanese folklore

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