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18-1 seiya (1)
Seiya: Where is the water?
Torahiko: Yo, Seiya! If you're searching for water then it's here you know?
Seiya: Yeah! Thank you!
Issei: ...Tsk
18-1 seiya (2)
Seiya: Eeeh. Why are you looking at me and clicking your tongue, Issei!
Issei: You bastard, don't get any closer to me than this. If you dare do such thing again I'll punch you...[1]
18-1 seiya (3)
Futami: Ahaha, geez Issei, did it become a trauma
Issei: Shut up Futami! Hmph
Futami: Aah! My meat~ That's not nice Issei, I rarely get to eat such fine meat~
Issei: Who doesn't work doesn't eat. You're always skipping practice so no food for you
Futami: Tha-that can't be~
18-1 seiya (4)
Torahiko: It can't be helped, so I'll give you some of my meat!
Futami: Torahiko-kun. You're wonderful! As thanks I'll give you Nama-chan goods!
Torahiko: I don't need it. I don't like it anyways
Futami: Immediate reply?!
18-1 seiya (5)
Seiya: That reminds me, Torahiko, how did your group's examination go?
Torahiko: Of course, we all sang freely you know?
Torahiko: Well, Akio was the only worry.
Torahiko: But, even thought he doesn't look like it he hates losing so he did it. Nishishi!
Torahiko: But Hikaru was more troublesome than Akio! He wanted to put a full length mirror inside the booth.
Torahiko: He said that if he looked at his beautiful self he would let out an even more beautiful voice. Does it make that much difference?
Seiya: Heh...Let's try it together next time!
Torahiko: Yeah! Sounds good!
18-1 seiya (6)
Futami: I don't think it would work with you two though...
Issei: They're idiots so it's no use saying it...
Producer: (I'm glad everyone is having fun...)
Chapter 18-1 (9)
Kumakocho: Producer-chan, are you having fun~?
Producer: President! Yes, I'm relaxing like everyone else too.
Kumakocho: I see~, then I'm happy~. Since the third generation and second generation are all here I wish for them to interact more with each-other~
Producer: Yes!
Kumakocho: And the first generation came back too. Geez what genius I was to propose the barbeque~
Producer: Yes!...What did you just say?
Kumakocho: Hm~ That the first generation returned---
Producer: Please say such important things earlier!
Chapter 18-1 (10)
??? Don't get so angry, Producer
Producer: !? Ri, Rindo-kun?
Tsubaki: Yo! I'm back!


  1. Refering to the hug Seiya gave him on 17-3

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