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18-1 others (1)
Ban: Delicious! *munch munch*...
Takamichi: The Jumonji household lacks of manners. And what's more...this meat is B3 rank[1]
Takamichi: I don't eat any meat if it's not A5 quality. Oops, the gap between houses appeared!
Ban: *munch munch*...Hm? Did you say somethin'?
Takamichi: Kuh! Remember this!
Ban: I didn't understand much should eat some too!
18-1 others (2)
Chaoyang: That's an incredible...appetite...
Ban: Ah! Chaoyang! Thanks for treatin' me to nikuman the other day!
Chaoyang:'re welcome? I got surprised when you collapsed in the middle of the road...[2]
Chaoyang: I didn't think...there would be people that collapse because of an empty stomach...
18-1 others (3)
Mio: Ban is a real idiot isn't he~ Your stomach is like a black hole, it feels disgusting...
Ban: You're so irritated because your stomach is empty too, right? Come on, there's plenty of meat y'know?
Mio: I lost my appetite by looking at you! More importantly---
Kyosuke: Uwah! Mio-kun's costume looks like a manga design so it's the perfect model~!
18-1 others (4)
Mio: You're drawing without my permission...Isn't your focus bad
Ban: Striving for one's best is a nice thing.
Ban: Well then, I shall give it my best on eating too!
18-1 others (5)
Takamichi: Kuh! It's unforgivable that he's part of a family of the same social status as the Sanzenin!
Producer: (I'm glad everyone is having fun...)
Chapter 18-1 (9)
Kumakocho: Producer-chan, are you having fun~?
Producer: President! Yes, I'm relaxing like everyone else too.
Kumakocho: I see~, then I'm happy~. Since the third generation and second generation are all here I wish for them to interact more with each-other~
Producer: Yes!
Kumakocho: And the first generation came back too. Geez what genius I was to propose the barbeque~
Producer: Yes!...What did you just say?
Kumakocho: Hm~ That the first generation returned---
Producer: Please say such important things earlier!
Chapter 18-1 (10)
??? Don't get so angry, Producer
Producer: !? Ri, Rindo-kun?
Tsubaki: Yo! I'm back!


  1. For those that don't know it, meat can be ranked depending on tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. The letter ranges from A to E while the numbers from 5 to 1. An A5 quality meat is the best meat possible. More info here
  2. For those curious, Chaoyang adresses Ban with "Ban-san"

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