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22-3 right (1)
Satsuki: Isn't it a problem that there are other crossdressers? With how it's going I would hate it if there came other twins~
Mutsuki: We're more than enough for that~
22-3 right (2)
Momosuke: So you two are twins! They certainly look alike, Ricky!
Mutsuki: Heee, so that squirrel plushie is called Ricky~
Satsuki: Eh? There's something on Ricky's nose you know?
22-3 right (3)
Momosuke: Eh? On Ricky's nose...Funya!?
Momosuke: Th-there's a frog on Ricky's nose?
Satsuki: Hm? You're less surprised than I thought...Are you perhaps ok with frogs?
22-3 right (4)
Momosuke: Eh, yep. I usually see frogs when I'm watering the plants so that's why~
Satsuki: Heee. Then how about spiders~
22-3 right (5)
Momosuke: Eeek! Mo-Momo is not good with spiders~!
Mutsuki: Fufufu. you can use that on the next prank, Satsuki♪
Satsuki: Yes! Knowing the enemy's weak points is important! I'm really hardworking ain't I?
Producer: (Those kids talk so freely with each-other as always...)
Producer: Well then, since the introductions finished let's go back to lesson---
Chapter 22-3 (12)
Kokoro: Wait a bit!
Producer: !? Hanabusa-san!?
Seiya: What happened Kokoro? You came in the classroom in a hurry...
Kokoro: I thought Momosuke and Runa finished their introductions, but it seems I came at the right time!
Chapter 22-3 (13)
Kokoro: Those two are the new members of POP N' STAR and will aim to become idols together with me!
Seiya: ! New Members!
Chapter 22-3 (14)
Noah: I see...Adding new members is a drastic measure
Noah: Were you perhaps influenced by Seiya?
Seiya: By me?
Chapter 22-3 (15)
Kokoro: !? You're wrong!
Kokoro: But more importantly, I have something to tell you, Seiya Aido!
Kokoro: You have to come to our next debut live at all costs!
Kokoro: I'll show you just how awesome we are!
Kokoro: I'm not the same as I was back then so be prepared!

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