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24-2 seiya&amp;eva (1)
Seiya: Cool....But, I don't understand what you've written at all
Eva: Autographs are like this
Seiya: Heee....Why are you writing with a red marker?
Eva: Fu...To give it a feeling of writing with bright red blood
Seiya: So you thought about the color too! As expected, Bloody Master is incredible!
24-2 seiya&amp;eva (2)
Eva: Y-you don't need to praise me over that...
Sammy: Hoo....
Eva: Sammy. It's the time to add your seal too
Sammy: Hoo!
Eva: Now it's complete
Seiya: Incredible! I've never seen an autograph with the footprint of an owl in it!!
Eva: Ha, Hahaha! This is something only we can do!
Sammy: Hooo!
Seiya: That's so nice. Hey hey, next time, when I create my autograph, give me some advices~
Eva: Very well. When you write it show it to me. If I have time I swear that I'll check it
Seiya: Yay!!
Producer: (Somehow, it seems the third generation and the second generation have become good friends)
Producer: (Competing while learning from each other like this is really good.)

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