24-2 kanata&mio (1)
Mio: Fufu...I also wrote a magic circle to summon good fortune for you♪
Mio's Fan: I'm really happy! Thank you, Death Chronos!
Mio: You're welcome.... Please consider me your favorite instead of having affairs with Eva-sama, okay~?♪
Mio's Fan: Y-Yes! Of course!
Mio: Fufu....I have to work hard like this so that Eva-sama's fans won't increase♪
24-2 kanata&mio (2)
Mio: It's normal that Eva-sama would be famous, but...if there are too many fans I feel like cursing them♪
Kanata: Eeek!?
Mio: Eh? Did you hear what I said? Then, it can't be helped...
Mio: It would be smart of you to be silent about it, if you don't want me to cast a curse on you.
24-2 kanata&mio (3)
Kanata: B-both me and Rabirabi won't say anything! Never and ever!
Mio: You're smart. Then as thanks, I'll give you some advice on how to write autographs.
Mio: You should have cardboard ready for the next autograph, too.
Kanata: T-thank you! I'll write it down!
Producer: (Somehow, it seems that the third generation and the second generation have become good friends.)
Producer: (Competing while learning from each other like this is really good.)

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