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22-4 akira&amp;ban (1)
Ban's Fan: Guilty Clown you're always so bright and energetic and I love you!
Ban: That makes me so so so very happy! And I'm countin' on ya for Master too!
Ban's Fan: Ehm, this is something I brought from Kansai for you, Ban-kun!
Ban: Oh! If it ain't Yatsuhashi![1] Is it fine to eat it now!?
Ban's Fan: Yes! Please eat a lot!
Ban: Thanks! *gnom gnom*....So tasty!! Hehe, I have to save some for Master and Mio too♪
22-4 akira&amp;ban (2)
Akira: ....Are you eating food from your fans here?
Ban: That's right y'know? I'm really hungry so I can't resist
Akira: I see. Then if you would like I can give you some caramels I got for Kanata
Akira: You can eat this immediately when you start to get hungry, right?
Ban: Eeeh! Is it fine?! I'm happy!
Ban: Hm~ It's so sweet that my body got healed♪
Ban's Fan: Ehm, Ban-kun, these are melon-flavored chips I got from Hokkaido. Won't you accept them?
Ban: Uwah~! Thank you! Is it fine to eat 'em now!?
Ban's Fans: Of course!
Ban: I really love autograph meetings! Everyone is so kind and gives me lots of food from everywhere!
22-4 akira&amp;ban (3)
Akira: That's an unusual autograph meeting....But still, haven't you eaten a bit too much?
Producer: (Somehow, it seems the third generation and the second generation have become good friends)
Producer: (Competing while learning from each other like this is really good.)


  1. A type of sweet made with bean paste. It's also a local delicacy in Kyoto

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