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27-1 Takamichi (1)
Takamichi: Listen, Satsuki. If you want to appear more adult-like then it's all in the accessories
Takamichi: Take for example my hat. It has something different from Issei's and Futami's. Can you understand what?
Satsuki: Ehhh. It doesn't look different at all?
Takamichi: You idiot. That's why poor people and...Anyways, my hat is of a different material from those two!!
27-1 Takamichi (2)
Takamichi: Come on, try touching it. The material feels totally different right? You boost your adult appeal with things like this
Satsuki: Hmm...Ah, there's something inside the hat you know?
Takamichi: Hm? What do you mea---UWAH?!
27-1 Takamichi (3)
Takamichi: Why is there a frog in my hat!! No, don't get closer!!
Satsuki: Juuuust kidding☆ It was just a toy frog~
Takamichi: What the-!? Don't make fun of an adult!
Satsuki: I just felt like making a prank out of nowhere~
Producer: Good. It seems they're on good terms
Producer: Both Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun seem to have grown attached to Lancelot...
Producer: (It's really unusual for those kids that always play pranks to get attached like that...)
Producer: (When they first met they were rather cold to each-other, so it makes me happy to see this scene now)
Producer: It seems they're playing around now, so I think it's fine to start photographing now
Cameraman: Is that so? Then let's restart immediately!
Producer: Yes! Thank you for the hard work!

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