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27-1 Issei (1)
Satsuki: Say, how do you manage to do that really cool pose?
Issei: Huh? I just sit normally and cross my legs?
Mutsuki: Like this?
Satsuki: Hmmmm....The pose is the same but it kinda has a different feeling~
Mutsuki: Maybe, could the problem be the leg's length?
Mutsuki: And in the first place, we aren't as tall as Issei-kun at all~
27-1 Issei (2)
Satsuki: Ah! Right! Then, then that must mean we can't do it!
Issei: Hah! Then give up and go home. Go home.
Satsuki: Hmph! That's unfair of you! Tell us how to grow that much like you!
Mutsuki: I want to become tall tooooo!
Issei: Hey! Don't stick to me like that!
Producer: Good. It seems they're on good terms
Producer: Both Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun seem to have grown attached to Lancelot...
Producer: (It's really unusual for those kids that always play pranks to get attached like that...)
Producer: (When they first met they were rather cold to each-other, so it makes me happy to see this scene now)
Producer: It seems they're playing around now, so I think it's fine to start photographing now
Cameraman: Is that so? Then let's restart immediately!
Producer: Yes! Thank you for the hard work!

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