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30-3 Shikio (1)
Kokoro: Then...
Akio: Eeek?!
Kokoro: Hey! Stop getting afraid everytime you look at me!
30-3 Shikio (2)
Shiki: Yes yes. If you get afraid by such a cute girl you will lose half of the humanity, you know?
Akio: D-don't put me together with you....And more importantly, it's fine for me not to be cute, so let me go...
Shiki: Don't worry about that Akio. You're cuter than me both appearance and stature-wise
Akio: I don't understand it at all...
Kokoro: Stop being repetitive like that and give it a try!
Akio: Eeek! It's a tyranny...!
Akio: A cute thing...a cute thing...
Akio: about the Moe Sode?[1]
30-3 Shikio (3)
Kyosuke: Akki!! Great job with it!!
Shiki: As expected of Kyou-chan. You understand it too...
Shiki: For me it would be a plus if that person was covering their lips with the sleeve and looking at me with flushed cheeks~
Akio: Shi-shiki-kun...Are you asking me to do that? That's too maniacal...fuhii
30-3 Shikio (4)
Kokoro: Wait a moment! I told you to do cute stuff, but I didn't tell you to do creepy and delusional stuff too!
Shiki: Eh? Wait wait wait! It's a misunderstanding. Thinking like this is not really creepy, right?
30-3 Shikio (5)
Runa: .....I misjudged you Shiki-san. Momosuke, don't get near him...
Momosuke: Is he a dangerous person?
Shiki: EEH?! Everyone is so mean...Being cute is difficult...!
Producer: (I pity him a bit...)
Chapter 30-3 (3)
Kokoro: *sigh*...Trying to bring out the cuteness in unique people like you guys was stupid of me
Kokoro: It must be really hard for you producer, to take care of such an unique group, right?
Producer: It's not that troublesome...I think
Producer: (I think Hanabusa-san is pretty unique too...)
Chapter 30-3 (4)
Torahiko: Hey hey! Did you find out my cuteness?
Kokoro: You didn't do anything at all!!
Kokoro: Well fine...It would be a waste of time to keep this up so let's go to the next lesson!


  1. Moe Sode, that literally translates to "Cute sleeve" is a term used for when a girl (or even boy) wears shirts with sleeves slightly longer, so that only their fingers will be shown. Kinda how Akio has his tracksuit in his initial R card

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