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30-3 Rakuhika (1)
Kokoro: Then, let's start from Hikaru and Raku!
Hikaru: Leave it to me! I will definitely make you say that I'm beautiful!
Raku: Don't you understand that you gotta make the others consider you cute and not beautiful?
Hikaru: It's fine! While making the others think of me as beautiful, I will make them think of me as equally cute!
Raku: Your words are difficult to understand....Well, leaving Hikaru aside, making me look cute requires too much effort....
30-3 Rakuhika (2)
Kokoro: I certainly never thought of you as cute
Hikaru: That's not true! Raku has a lot of cute qualities!
Hikaru: For example, I didn't go to play at Raku's house for three days straight!
Hikaru: It seems those days Raku was always waiting for me at the veranda!
Hikaru: The fact that we didn't meet for three days made Raku so pouty and cute!
Kokoro: .....If it's like that, then why?
30-3 Rakuhika (3)
Raku: I wonder...I don't know about it...
Producer: (Ah, he's getting embarrassed....How cute!)
Kokoro: Yes. When men that don't usually get embarrassed become red like this it's really cute....There's this route too...Runa, you can do it too right?
30-3 Rakuhika (4)
Runa: ....I'm a very shy person you know?
Kokoro: You're plenty cute like that!
Kokoro: Let's turn to the main topic now! Raku can keep with that route! While for Hikaru...
Hikaru: I got noticed but, I think the way how I'm now is the most beautiful and cutest ever!
30-3 Rakuhika (5)
Hikaru: Don't you think so too? Right! Raku!
Raku: Yes yes. You're right....You're cute just the way you are...
Chapter 30-3 (3)
Kokoro: *sigh*...Trying to bring out the cuteness in unique people like you guys was stupid of me
Kokoro: It must be really hard for you producer, to take care of such an unique group, right?
Producer: It's not that troublesome...I think
Producer: (I think Hanabusa-san is pretty unique too...)
Chapter 30-3 (4)
Torahiko: Hey hey! Did you find out my cuteness?
Kokoro: You didn't do anything at all!!
Kokoro: Well fine...It would be a waste of time to keep this up so let's go to the next lesson!

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