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30-3 Toramomo (1)
Torahiko: My cute side huh....Say, Kyosuke, what do you think I should do?
Kyosuke: EEH?! Even if you ask I don't really know~
Torahiko: Why? You're the cutest one in ArS, aren't you?
30-3 Toramomo (2)
Kyosuke: WAH?! What are you suddenly saying?!
Torahiko: Eh? But aren't you always wearing pink? Pink is the image color of cuteness!
Kyosuke: it was like that...Geez, thinking by color images is like you after all~
Torahiko: Yes yes. The pink color fits Kokoro perfectly too!
30-3 Toramomo (3)
Kokoro: Oh? You're saying some quite good things♪
Torahiko: Ah! Also pink is the color of idols, love, healing purity, romantic, erotic, passion---
30-3 Toramomo (4)
Kyosuke: WHA!!! Don't say anything more than that~!!!
Kokoro: WAIT A MOMENT!! It's prohibited to talk about such stuff on this day with such fine weather!!
30-3 Toramomo (5)
Momosuke: Fuwah~ Torahiko-kun is so bold isn't he, Ricky....
Torahiko: Why? I was just talking about the image of pink....
Torahiko: And by the way, red is the color of danger, excitement, nervousness, passion, self assertion, positiviness, sexyness---
30-3 Toramomo (6)
Kyosuke: WAWAWAWA! Shhhh, shhhh Tora-chan!
Producer: (Yes...For Kusakabe-kun it's pretty impossible to be cute)
30-3 Toramomo (7)
Kokoro: I got it! For you cuteness is impossible! Impossible!
Torahiko: If you say that it's impossible then you will get me more fired up! Nishishi!
Kokoro: Don't you "nishishi" me!
Chapter 30-3 (3)
Kokoro: *sigh*...Trying to bring out the cuteness in unique people like you guys was stupid of me
Kokoro: It must be really hard for you producer, to take care of such an unique group, right?
Producer: It's not that troublesome...I think
Producer: (I think Hanabusa-san is pretty unique too...)
Chapter 30-3 (4)
Torahiko: Hey hey! Did you find out my cuteness?
Kokoro: You didn't do anything at all!!
Kokoro: Well fine...It would be a waste of time to keep this up so let's go to the next lesson!

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