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34-1 Pop n star (1)
Kokoro: Ah! Producer, I finally found you!
Producer: Ah, Hanabusa-san! Were you searching for me?
Kokoro: I was! That thing happened too, so since I was worried I decided to check on you a bit!
34-1 Pop n star (2)
Runa: My my, Kokoro. You were always so quiet when worrying about the producer
Momosuke: This quiet Kokoro-chan somehow looks way more scary than when angry at Momo~
Kokoro: Geez! What are you saying, stupid Momo!
34-1 Pop n star (3)
Momosuke: Ah! The usual Kokoro-chan is back~♪
Runa: Fufu! Kokoro must have felt relieved after seeing Producer's expression
Producer: ...Hanabusa-san, thank you
Kokoro: Y-You don't need to thank me or anything! More importantly--
Kokoro: You're obviously going to choose us, POP' N STAR!
Producer: ...Ahaha. Having such confidence is one of your traits too
Kokoro: Of course! That's because choosing us would be the most fitting option, right?
Kokoro: But, you don't need to worry if you choose another group. You're free to choose whoever you want
Producer: Eh?
34-1 Pop n star (4)
Kokoro: Why are you making that surprised expression? I may be like this, but I trust you a lot, you know?
Kokoro: You've never opposed or interfered with my activities as a cross-dresser
Kokoro: That means that you accept all of me, right? If so then I will accept all of you--
Kokoro: T-O-O♪
Producer: Hanabusa-san...!
Kokoro: But, if you choose another group we are going to challenge them!
Kokoro: And we will definitely win! And in that moment you will accept your error too!
Kokoro: I will make you kneel down for me, so be prepared!
Producer: Ahaha! As you order!
Kokoro: Very good! Then, work hard like you always do, Producer!
Producer: Everyone said that they believed in me....
Producer: (I certainly shouldn't have asked the others, considering how I'm a Producer)
Producer: (And as a Producer I have to believe more in myself)
Producer: (But, if I make the wrong decision I can't come back...Like--)
Producer: When I was an I-Chu in the past...

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