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34-1 Reb (1)
Eva: I was waiting for you, Messiah
Producer: Eh? How did you know that I was coming?
Eva: Fuh. My servants have the precognition power too [1]
Mio: Fufufu. Can you please not underestimate my black magic? This is a piece of cake for Master's sake♪
Ban: That kinda makes me want to eat a cake now!
34-1 Reb (2)
Mio: AH?! The Master was saying such a cool line and you ruin it with that! What's your intention!
Ban: Uuu...I'm sorry so please don't be so angry~
Eva: Fuh....It seems Guily Clown is lacking in Magic Powers because of his empty stomach
Eva: We are going to steal away the humans' magical power and fill our about you?
Producer: (Ehm, is he saying that they're about to go eat lunch?)
Producer: I'm sorry. I still have some work left so I can't go
34-1 Reb (3)
Eva: Hm. If you say so then it cannot be helped. So, what question did you come to ask me?
Eva: I will listen to you before going
Producer: Thank you Eva-kun. Truth is--
34-1 Reb (4)
Eva: I understand. So it's about what Tempester said about choosing only one group...
Eva: I got a report from Sammy about what happened with Lucas and Tempester so I know about it too
Eva: It must have been quite troublesome to be told those needless rash remarks, Messiah
Eva: But, you're yourself....
Eva: You do not need to worry over what the others say. It can't be helped that your decision will lead the victorious ones
Eva: Because you're our Producer after all
Eva: I will trust you, as we have deeper bonds than in the past, Messiah
Eva: Because having others believe in you fills one's heart with courage and power...
Producer: Eva-kun....!
34-1 Reb (5)
Mio&Ban: Master! So cool!!
Eva: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You can praise me more! Then, we will go fill our stomachs now
Eva: Don't get too discouraged, Messiah
Producer: Everyone said that they believed in me....
Producer: (I certainly shouldn't have asked the others, considering how I'm a Producer)
Producer: (And as a Producer I have to believe more in myself)
Producer: (But, if I make the wrong decision I can't come back...Like--)
Producer: When I was an I-Chu in the past...


  1. Precognition is the act of using spiritual power to know things that will happen in the future

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