Producer: Is Tenjyou Tenge here?
34-1 Tenten (1)
Aoi: Oh? How unusual for you to come ask for us. Did you finish taking care of the ducklings?
Tatsumi: We heard everything, y'know? We heard that some troubles happened with I♥B and F∞F!
Producer: It wasn't really that troublesome, but did the rumors already spread?
Tsubaki: Hey, hey, don't make such a depressed face.
Tsubaki: After clashing opinions and making up again, your bonds only become stronger, right?
Producer: You're right, but...
34-1 Tenten (2)
Toya: Everyone. The producer must have come here because she wanted to tell us something, you know?
Toya: Right, Producer?
Producer: Thank you, Honoki-kun. Truth is, I really came with that intention.
Producer: It's that...I wanted to hear everyone's opinion on what the president said about choosing only one group--
34-1 Tenten (3)
Tsubaki: Huh? Of course you would choose us when it comes to abilities!
Producer: I knew you would say that...
Tsubaki: Hah! At any rate, you're probably not thinking, "Which group do I choose," but "Do I really need to choose one...?"
Tsubaki: "But it's an order from the president, so I have to obey."

And after thinking it, you started being hesitant and decided to come to us for consultation, right?

Producer: (Uuu...he found me out completely...)
34-1 Tenten (4)
Tsubaki: Hey, Producer....aren't you being a bit too spoiled?
Producer: !
Tsubaki: Did you think we would be all kind and just tell you what to do? Well, you're barking up the wrong tree.
Tsubaki: Listen. The ones who are the most nervous here are us, the I-Chus.
Tsubaki: We strive everyday to become top idols with our abilities.
Tsubaki: But, we're also keeping it a secret that your decision might affect our future a lot.
34-1 Tenten (5)
Tsubaki: We trust our own abilities. That's why you have to trust your decision, too.
Tsubaki: Or're not the woman fit to be walking by our side!
Producer: Rindo-kun...
Producer: ...Thank you. I finally opened my eyes!
Tsubaki: Fuh. Then, hurry up and do what you have to!
Producer: Yes! Bye then!
*slides door*
34-1 Tenten (6)
Toya&Aoi&Tatsumi: ....*sigh*
Tsubaki: What, why are you guys sighing...?
Aoi: No,'s just that I was thinking that you need to change your way of talking a bit. You have to be kinder to girls...
Tatsumi: Even though you're super kind towards your sister.
34-1 Tenten (7)
Tsubaki: Shut up!
Toya: Well, the most troublesome part is that the producer never gets discouraged by Tsubaki's words.
34-1 Tenten (8)
Tsubaki: Huh?
Toya: should look at yourself in the mirror. You're having a really delighted expression right now.
Tsubaki: Ah, I certainly might be really happy....the producer never gets discouraged by my words. She's really interesting!
Toya: (That's because the producer has been entrusted with troublesome men, after all. Well, I understand that feeling very well, too.)
Producer: Everyone said that they believed in me....
Producer: (I certainly shouldn't have asked the others, considering how I'm a producer.)
Producer: (And as a producer, I have to believe more in myself...)
Producer: (But, if I make the wrong decision, I can't come
Producer: ...When I was an I-Chu in the past...

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